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Program Requirements

Eligibility to Graduate with George Whitworth Honors

Students Entering After 2020

To graduate with Whitworth Honors, students must complete 18 credits in the following:

  • GE 126H: Introduction to Design Thinking (1 credit)
  • Four Honors courses, one from each of the Four Inquiry Groups: (3 credits each; 12 credits total)
    • Belief Inquiry Group (Core, Bib Lit, FRCI)
    • Culture Inquiry Group (Culture & Diversity, Lit & Storytelling, Historical Analysis)
    • Expression Inquiry Group (Oral Comm, Written Comm, Fine Art, World Language)
    • Science Inquiry Group (Math & Stats, Natural Science, Social Science)
  • One upper-division Honors course, or some combination of upper-division research, creative project or internship (3 credits)
  • HN 300H: The Motivated Project (1 credit)
  • HN 400H: Honors Exhibition (1 credit)
  • Transfer students may have some of their requirements waived, based on the number of credits they bring with them.
  • The recommendation is that students complete their 12 Shared Curriculum credits prior to starting their Motivated Project, but it is not required.

Students Entering 2016-19

A student must complete at least 18 credits with a grade of "C" or higher within the honors program, with at least six of those credits in upper-division courses, seminars, research, etc. No more than nine honors credits can be earned within a single department.

  • HN200H – Honors Seminar I: Vocation and Excellence (1 credit)
  • HN300H – Honors Seminar II: Community Project (1 credit)
  • Category 1: Honors Core 150/250/350 (4 credits)
  • Coursework in THREE of the following categories:
  • Category 2: Honors courses or seminars - including HN200H and HN300H, above (1-3 credits)
  • Category 3: Honors internship - XX390H (1-3 credits)
  • Category 4: Honors research with faculty or creative project - XX391H/491H (1-3 credits)
  • Category 5: Honors off-campus program – XX392H (1-3 credits)

Note: Honors courses cannot be taken for P/NC, but they can be audited. An honors course that is audited does not count toward the honors requirements.

George Whitworth Scholars must graduate with at least a 3.75 cumulative GPA and must be in the top 20 percent of students in his or her major(s). Students who do not meet these requirements will still be enriched by these experiences, but will not graduate with George Whitworth honors. Honors graduates will become members of the George Whitworth Society upon graduation.