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The Dean's Executive Speaker Series

Linda Underwood

Regional President, U.S. Bank

Linda Underwood stands amongst students.

Linda Underwood began her career with U.S. Bank in 1993, and since 2010 has led the bank’s operations in North Idaho and Eastern Washington. This area presently represents over $3 billion in loans and deposits, as well as a team of 280 employees.  

Linda is active in the community including serving as a current board member of the Spokane Angel Alliance and the Spokane Club. She is a past board member for United Way of Spokane County and is currently the 2018 corporate campaign chairman for the agency. She has also served as the past chairman of Greater Spokane Incorporated.  Within U.S. Bank, she has chaired the U.S. Bank P.A.C. and is an active member of the Community Banking and Branch Delivery Women in Leadership group. 

Linda is a graduate of Leadership Spokane as well as U.S. Bank's Leadership Excellence program at the University of St. Thomas. Linda received a B.A. and an MBA from Washington State University with an emphasis in marketing and organizational behavior in 1992.

Linda and her husband, Jeff, together have four nearly adult children, three of whom are in college and one who has recently graduated and is working in Walla Walla in her dad’s business.

Tips for Success:

  • Know where you’re from.
  • Accept disappointment quickly.
  • See the opportunity in every difficulty. “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity,” Winston Churchill.
  • The rose has to know the thorn.
  • Make career detours early.
  • See the obstacles but always believe you can go around them.
  • Learn, grow and have fun.
  • Someone’s got to be the president, it might as well be you.
  • Know your top 5 strengths.
  • Understand the landscape and be ready to compete.
  • Strap on your boots, be the boss, be ready to be lonely.
  • Know how your business makes money; loans, deposits and payments.
  • Focus on your big rocks in life, and the rest takes care of itself.
  • There are no new ideas, there is only better execution.
  • Be open to change.
  • Be kind to yourself and believe in your capabilities.
  • Challenge yourself and take reasonable risks.
  • Get outside your zone and dive into new ecosystems.
  • Appreciate the journey.
  • Get up early and be purposeful each day.
  • Be yourself, do your own thing and work hard.
  • The right opportunity will come your way.
  • Desire growth no matter where you are in your career and challenge yourself to continue to thrive professionally.
  • You might not ever have the conventional path, but if you see the way forward, go to your destiny.
  • Polish up your leadership skills.
  • Reinvigorate your resume.
  • Scour your social media.
  • Build relationships.
  • Be open to the accidental career.
  • Allow space and time for advancement.
  • Serve others.
  • Be grateful and express it often.