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Advisory Board


The mission of the Business Advisory Board (BAB) shall be to inform, support and promote the Whitworth School of Business by fostering and furthering connections between the school of business, fellow BAB members and the broader business community.


  1. Share knowledge, experience and current trends acquired through members' participation in business activities.
  2. Help the school of business maintain curriculum that is aligned with the needs of business and industry, both domestic and foreign.
  3. Engage with school of business leadership, educators and business students to develop supportive relationships built on trust.
  4. Volunteer in at least one experiential learning activity annually to benefit business students, i.e. mock interviews, mentoring, etc. 
  5. Advocate for and promote the positive image of the school of business; serve as an ambassador for its faculty and students throughout the business community.
  6. Encourage the resource development essential to sustain the quality for which the school of business is known: 
    1. Open the door to referrals, relationship-building, internships, grad hires, etc.
    2. Advise and support institutional advancement as it endeavors to seek funding for school of business programs and initiatives.


Advisory Board Members