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The Dean's Executive Speaker Series

Marty Dickinson

EVP of Cultural Enhancement, Umpqua Bank

Marty Dickinson poses with a group of Whitworth business students.

At the forefront of Spokane's business and civic organizations, Marty Dickinson has led successful teams across a wide range of industries. Having more than 25 years of marketing, branding, communications and organizational management experience, she is passionate about leading others through change and helping teams look forward.

With expertise in navigating change, leading through uncertainty and reading an evolving environment, Marty's success relies on opening her mind to the possibilities the future holds.

As executive vice president of cultural enhancement she is responsible for integrating 4,500 associates into the bank's iconic and progressive culture while also constantly evolving it to align with the bank's mission and vision. In addition, she leads the digital transformation effort of Umpqua Bank, organizing associates and processes with the bank's growth strategy and customer experience.

Prior to her role at Umpqua Bank, Marty served as the EVP of marketing and communications at Sterling Bank, overseeing all marketing, public relations, communications and government affairs functions for the organization. This included a complete rebranding effort for the $10 billion institution.

A native of Spokane, Marty is equally passionate about her hometown. Before joining Sterling Bank in 2011, Marty served as the president of the Downtown Spokane Partnership for six years, where she helped attract more than $3 billion in urban reinvestment to enhance Spokane's downtown district. Her private sector work includes key management and high-level marketing roles in the telecommunications industry at NEXTLINK, XO Communications, Cellular One and AT&T Wireless.

All of Marty's experiences have shaped her flexible and open-minded management style and demonstrated how organizational changes can bring opportunities for professional growth. She is a frequent public speaker on the topics of branding and marketing, organizational management, motivating teams and managing the work-life balance.

Marty has been featured in the regional and national press. Marty has also been named on Spokane's Power 50 list of most influential people on multiple occasions and as recently as 2017. In 2015, Marty was honored with the highly esteemed YWCA Women of Achievement award.

A graduate of Washington State University, Marty is on the Public Facilities District Board of Directors and the State of Washington Regence/Blue Shield Foundation Board; is chair of the WSU Spokane Advisory Board and the WSU Medical School Community Board; and is board member of Greater Spokane Incorporated and executive board member of the Association of Washington Businesses.

Tips for Success:

  • Be able to show that you are multidimensional.
  • Study a foreign language.
  • Major in business and something else.
  • Young, innovative thinkers are multidimensional.
  • Just because you think someone or something is stupid doesn't mean you need to say it.
  • You can be the smartest person and the stupidest person in the room at the same time if you don't know your audience.
  • Patience is critical.
  • You are always replaceable.
  • Be a sponge and a lifelong learner. You aren't entitled.
  • Don't be above your experience.
  • Do the real work. This builds credibility.
  • Influence up and build relationships with people.
  • Adapt and be agile.
  • Have fortitude and courage.
  • Always evaluate your skill set.
  • Have courage.