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About Us

A Different Kind of Christian University

Whitworth's School of Continuing Studies isn't your traditional adult education program. Small class sizes, supportive faculty, and an open and encouraging approach to adult learning makes even the most challenging topics more engaging. We've been perfecting our adult education programs for over 100 years. 

Dedicated professors expose you to new ideas and challenge your thinking. In-class projects and discussion hone your skills. You'll grow in ways you didn't expect – and leave feeling equipped for success.

We offer courses in two locations for your convenience. Find us in north Spokane as well as downtown in the U-District. 

"We're not traditional students – be proud of that! It's definitely a challenge to juggle school, family, work and personal commitments. But that makes the victory of completion sweeter! The people you meet at Whitworth are unfailingly supportive and constantly encouraging."

Vanessa Lancaster '21