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Course Format

The Whitworth School of Continuing Studies offers several evening bachelor's degree programs that you can complete in an accelerated format, from start to finish. Most courses are six weeks long, with some specific courses offered in nine- or 12-week sessions.

  • Classes meet either one night per week and a couple of Saturdays each month or two nights per week and no Saturdays.
  • Hybrid courses are available.
  • You concentrate on just one course at a time, allowing you to focus your study and retain more of what you learn.
  • Classes are available at the Whitworth University campus in north Spokane and downtown at the U-District location.

"We’re both USAF Veterans, parents of two toddlers and now Whitworth students. Because of Whitworth’s night program, my husband can work full time and go to school, and I’m blessed to be a full-time mom and full-time student without needing childcare."

Carrington Pulaski

All Whitworth adult degree programs are designed for working professionals, making it possible for you to pursue your goals by attending full or part time in the evening.

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Sample Evening Course Schedule

Week 1     class at 6 p.m.      class at 8:30 a.m.  
Week 2     class at 6 p.m.       
Week 3     class at 6 p.m.      
Week 4     class at 6 p.m.     class at 8:30  a.m.
Week 5     class at 6 p.m.      
Week 6     class at 6 p.m.      

Hybrid Courses

Hybrid-format courses combine face-to-face class time with the flexibility of online learning, so you attend class less frequently and can still manage your already-busy schedule. Some course material and learning activities are moved online, reducing the amount of time you physically spend in the classroom.

Our hybrid classes usually meet just three times during each six-week course, with instructor and student engagement online between class sessions.

Sample Hybrid Course Schedule

Week 1           class at 8:30  a.m.
Week 2             
Week 3      class at 6 p.m.      
Week 4             
Week 5     class at 6 p.m.      
Week 6