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Recent Alumni

Working full time and meeting family commitments while also pursuing an education to move your career to the next level can seem daunting. A little encouragement and a few tips from people who have been through the same experience can be reassuring. The following alums discuss why Whitworth's evening degree program was the best fit for them.

Headshot of Darren JosephDarren Joseph gained a new appreciation for the challenges and benefits of servant leadership. He transferred to Whitworth and now he's transferring a new understanding of ethical leadership to his profession.

Darren says, "I have grown as a person academically, professionally and personally. My faith in God and my faith in people have grown. My worldview is so much broader, and I'm more organized and focused because of my Whitworth experience."

Unexpected transformation.

Headshot of Chana FoxChana chose Whitworth knowing she'd receive a more personalized experience than at another university. What she didn't expect was to have so many resources and support from Whitworth professors and staff.

"My experience at Whitworth changed my life. It showed me how much the right support can help a person. I really enjoy being able to help others now."  The resources and encouragement from her professors, classmates and family made earning her degree easy. "I got hired six days after I finished at Whitworth."

Unexpected support.

If you've got questions about how Whitworth's evening program will fit with your schedule and commitments, we encourage you to connect with a student or alum from Whitworth's extensive local and global community network