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Graduation Requirements & Electives

Some Whitworth Inq (shared curriculum) and elective requirements may be met by courses offered in your major, via transfer or portfolio credits, or through credits earned in college-level testing. Please speak with an academic advisor to request a complimentary transcript evaluation.

For all majors, students are required to meet Whitworth University graduation requirements:

  • Whitworth Inq requirements
  • 36 semester credits of upper-division (300-400) coursework
  • a 2.0 average in all Whitworth courses and in all courses in the declared major
  • a total of 126 semester credits. Please see the course catalog for more details.

Some programs may require prerequisites for particular courses; please check with the advisor.

Whitworth Inq Requirements 38 Credits
Belief Inquiry (6 credits)  
Worldview & Reason 3 credits
Biblical Literature or Faith, Reason & Contemporary Issues 3 credits 

Cultural Inquiry (6 credits)

Students must take coursework in at least two of the following:

Literature & Storytelling  3 credits
Historical Analysis 3 credits
Culture & Diversity 3 credits
Scientific Inquiry (9 credits)  
Math & Statistics 3 credits
Natural Science 3 credits
Social Science 3 credits
Expressive Inquiry (12 credits)  
Oral Communication 3 credits
Written Communication 3 credits
Fine Arts 3 credits
World Languages 3 credits
Praxis (5 credits)  
Habits of the Mind 3 credits
Habits of Wellness 2 credits


(no additional credits; students must take one course with each "tag")

Emotional Wellness "E" tag  1 course
U.S. Diversity "U" tag  1 course
Global Diversity "G" tag  1 course

*For evening-degree program students, the language requirement may be met in the following ways: a three-credit conversational-language course specifically designed for students in Whitworth's adult education programs, or a full year (eight semester credits or 15 quarter credits) of a world language at Whitworth or another university.

A list of direct-transfer agreements between Whitworth University and other colleges and universities throughout the state of Washington is available to you.

Elective Requirements

Elective credits that are not included as part of your academic major or shared curriculum requirements are offered as an option to help you reach the 126 credits required to complete your bachelor's degree at Whitworth. With guidance and approval from an academic advisor, you will have the opportunity to choose elective courses that fit your professional and personal goals.