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Whitworth Ministry Endorsement

The Whitworth Ministry Endorsement seeks to train Whitworth students to provide Christ-centered, culturally relevant leadership in church and society.

The Whitworth Ministry Endorsement helps students:

  • Understand the Christian story and gospel
  • Practice biblically and theologically faithful ministry
  • Learn to read and interpret cultural trends
  • Establish Christ-centered habits and spiritual practices
  • Discern their giftedness, calling and vocation
  • Cultivate skills for ministry
  • Learn how to share the gospel and to build disciples
  • Build a network of ministry relationships

There are four courses that are specifically part of the Young Life program:

  • Foundations for Christian Leadership (TH 172/173) helps students build a strong spiritual foundation for Christian leadership and to consider a variety of service opportunities. The course considers different aspects of Christian leadership, theology, spirituality, personal growth and relational skills in order to carlify students' gifts and calling.
  • Young Life Leadership (TH 380), an advanced discipleship/training program that allows sophomores, juniors and seniors to live out and expand their sense of calling to Young Life and youth ministry.
  • Gospel & Growth in a Post Christian Society Context (TH 339) gives students an introduction to the theology, history and methodology of proclaiming the gospel and Christian spiritual formation.
  • Youth Ministry (TH 334) helps students develop a theology of youth ministry and provides tools for analyzing virtually all aspects of youth ministry, culture and the church.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the endorsement?

As our culture becomes increasingly post-Christian, the need for Christian leadership becomes more critical. Whitworth is intentional about preparing godly, grounded and creative leaders for service to God and God's people.

How will this endorsement benefit me?

There are several benefits. First, you will receive an endorsement letter upon graduation, detailing your ministry experience at Whitworth. This letter can be included in your résumé, along with job interviews in the future. Second, you will have a great experience of community and be challenged to test and use your gifts.

Application Process

To apply, visit the Whitworth Office of Church Engagement website and complete the online application here.