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Ministry Site Information

The Whitworth Summer Fellowship Program is a 10- to 12-week summer-ministry experience for current Whitworth students and those who have just graduated. The development of strong partnerships with churches and ministries is essential to this experience. We hope that, through a partnership, ministries will provide an opportunity for students to serve, develop their gifts, and discern their vocations. In turn, each ministry will be supported by a fellow committed to meeting practical needs and building the capacity of each ministry. Below are documents that contain all of the programmatic and partnership details.

Homestay Expectations

Please consult our Homestay Vision and Expectations for the homestay portion of the Summer Fellowship Program.

Application Instructions

Interested? Please check out our Site Expectations for comprehensive information.

Would you like to apply? Please follow these steps:

*In order to submit your application, you must supply a written fellowship position description.

  1. Be prepared to answer questions like the ones detailed on the "Site Application" document.
    Site Application Aid
  2. Create a fellowship position description. If this is new territory, feel free to consult our template.
    Fellowship Position Description Template
  3. Complete our online application.

Questions? Please email or call 509.777.4437.