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Frequently Asked Questions: Faculty & Staff

  1. Where can I see general demographic information for the current semester or prior years?

    Each semester, the Whitworth Office of Institutional Research creates a Fact Book (or Tenth-Day Report) based on various numbers captured on the tenth school day following the start of the traditional semester. The link to various fact books is on the institutional research main webpage or you can use this link, Whitworth Office of Institutional Research SharePoint site.

    In order to see the information, you will need to use your Whitworth credentials to log in. The institutional research SharePoint site library includes "Shared Documents" that are available to all faculty and staff. Click on "Shared Documents," then use the drop-down box for the column labeled "Category." Choose the category "10 Day/Fact Book Reports," then expand the years (by tapping the plus button next to the year) to find the report you need. You will find other information on the SharePoint site that may be of interest as well.

  2. Where can I see survey results, such as National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) or the federal IPEDS reporting, for Whitworth University?

    Survey results from some of the important surveys our students or faculty/staff complete can be found on the Whitworth Office of Institutional Research's website or its SharePoint site for a more complete list. In SharePoint, use the filter for the "Category" column to find your survey of interest. If it is a main one like HERI or NSSE, the name of the survey will be the category. If it is more of an obscure survey, try the category "Surveys – Miscellaneous Ones." Remember to expand the years you are interested in viewing.

  3. Where can I see what some of the coding means that Whitworth uses, for example ethnicity and racial codes?

    On the Whitworth Office of Institutional Research webpage, you will find a link to the campus's most current "Data Dictionary." Note the gold-toned tabs in the workbook are for coding-related worksheets.

  4. Where can I see what big surveys are coming up for our students or for faculty?

    On the institutional research website, choose "Surveys & Studies" on the left and look for "Calendar of Surveys" on that webpage.

  5. How do companies like U.S. News & World Report get their data about Whitworth?

    The Whitworth Office of Institutional Research responds to and supplies data for many surveys each year from outside organizations. The information often comes from several areas on campus and is then consolidated on the survey's online form. If you would like to see Whitworth's information for a particular survey or would like more information, please contact the Whitworth Office of Institutional Research.

  6. How do I see my student evaluations on the SmartEvals! website?

    Students' online course evaluation results are available for viewing after course grades are due. You should receive an automatic email at that time that lets you know the results are available and provides information on how to view the results. A link to the SmartEvals! login is on Pirate Port, or you can go to

  7. How do I get started if I want to create a survey?

    If you would like to create a survey, you may want to use Whitworth's Qualtrics Account to do so. Qualtrics is a powerful, easy-to-use tool for creating surveys. Contact Judy Dehle (, 509.777.4382) for more information.

  8. If I need some data about Whitworth for reporting, who is the best person to contact?

    Greg Orwig, in the Whitworth Office of Institutional Research, would be happy to assist you. His email address is, and his office phone number is 509.777.4580.

  9. If I need more information about institutional research, who should I contact?

    Assistant Vice President for Research & Innovation Greg Orwig (, 509.777.4580) would be happy to assist you.