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Harriet Cheney Cowles Library
Cowles Memorial Auditorium

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Library PCs moved to Windows 10

Jan 2018: Blackboard moves to the cloud

Summer 2018: Weyerhaeuser tech refresh

Instructional Resources

The department of instructional resources provides operational support, installation and maintenance of academic facilities and resources including classroom technology and furnishings, instructional computer labs, department computer labs, instructional and application software, instructional media and equipment, Blackboard learning management system, campus conference and meeting rooms, video conferencing, digital signage and the auditorium and dance facilities. Instructional design services and training are provided for online and hybrid course development and deployment.

  • Cowles Auditorium

    Maria Sorce
    Theatre Technical Director/Auditorium Events Manager

    Mainstage: Named in honor of Spokane publisher William H. Cowles, Sr., the auditorium, constructed in 1955 seats 1,100 people viewing a 47-foot wide proscenium stage. Theatre, dance and music performances, as well as lectures, take place in the auditorium throughout the year. Lighting, projection, and sound equipment operated by our technical crew are provided for your use.

    Stage II: Stage II is a traditional theatre "Black Box" that seats approximately 100. Seating is on raised platforms in a horseshoe shape around a tiled floor. Lighting, projection, and sound equipment operated by our technical crew are provided for your use.

  • Classrooms & Conference Rooms

    Brandon Culvey
    Technical Support Specialist for Conference Spaces

    Jesse Heinecke
    Technical Support Specialist for Classroom Technologies

    Whitworth University provides a number of technologically enhanced conference rooms and classrooms. Each classroom includes a teaching podium, a networked PC with a DVD drive, VGA computer connection, projector, speakers and projection screen. Technologically enhanced conference rooms are located in Cowles Music Center, Dixon Hall, Hill House, Hixson Union Building, McEachran Hall and Weyerhaeuser Hall.

    Software, Learning Resources & Help

  • Computer Labs

    Anthony (Tony) Aoyagi
    Manager of Instructional Computer Labs and Technology

    Maintained by Tony Aoyagi, instructional computer labs are located across Whitworth's main and U-District campuses. They provide internet, software, and printing access to all faculty, staff, and students. For a more detailed list of computer labs and software resources loaded in individual labs, please see the Software & Learning Resources link below.

    Software, Learning Resources & Help

  • Instructional Technology and Media Services (ITMS)

    Judy Dehle
    Manager of Instructional Technology and Media Services
    Blackboard Administrator

    ITMS Counter: 509.777.3233

    Located on the second floor of Harriet Cheney Cowles Library, ITMS provides a variety of audiovisual equipment and services to departments and individuals of Whitworth University for instructional support and university sponsored events. The ITMS counter also serves as the first level face to face support for password issues and wireless network connectivity.

    Equipment, Policies & Services

    Copyright & Fair Use

    Student Handbook, see movie section

  • Learning Systems, Software & Resources

    What's New

    In January 2018, Whitworth will be moving Blackboard Learn from a locally hosted system to a cloud based system. We will still be using Blackboard version 9.1, but it will now be hosted in the cloud and will include a number of new and improved features such as drop and drag and internal links to our library.


    • Currently: Faculty should download any grade center data and other student-authored materials they wish to keep. All old course data is being archived from the current Blackboard server for future use.
    • December 2017: Fall 2015, All 2016 Terms, Spring Term 2017, Summer Term 2017 will be imported into the new system.
    • Dec. 9, 2017: Faculty can begin developing 2018 courses for Jan Term and Spring Term on the cloud based Blackboard system. The web address for the cloud based Blackboard will be If you need course data imported older than Fall 2015 - Summer 2017 or courses from Fall 2017 imported early onto the new server, please contact Judy Dehle, for help.
    • Jan. 2-15, 2017: Fall 2017 courses will be archived from our old system and imported into the cloud based system. Faculty are to download their grade centers.
    • Feb. 15, 2018: Faculty will no longer have any access to the old Blackboard server and data from that server. All old course data has been archived.

    Adobe License Software

    The full Adobe Creative Cloud suite of products are available to faculty and staff who use computers in the course of their daily work through Whitworth's current licensing model. One may contact Tony Aoyagi directly for information regarding this resource.

    Blackboard Learn

    Blackboard Learn is Whitworth's adopted learning management system. Whitworth is using the cloud system known as Blackboard SaaS. The system is automated, therefore courses, faculty and students are automatically loaded into the system. The courses are set to not available at the time they are integrated into the system. Faculty need to make their courses available for student viewing. Blackboard is integrated with several systems such as Panopto, i>Clicker and various publisher content. Faculty are expected to download Blackboard grades at the end of each semester and store them in a password protected area or turn them into their program assistant. Select the learning resources and materials link below or contact Judy Dehle for more information.

    Office 365

    A current version of Microsoft Office is available for download for all current students, staff and faculty for download to personal computers. Individuals who take advantage of this download are to remove the software package upon leaving the institution. Select the Learning resources and materials link for instructions to download.


    Panopto is Whitworth's adopted lecture capture and academic video distribution system which allows for faculty and students to upload personally created video and audio for streaming. Panopto integrates with Blackboard and allows users to record, edit, and share their own recordings. Select the learning resources and materials link below for more information on connecting and utilizing this system.

    Qualtrics for Whitworth

    Qualtrics is Whitworth's adopted survey tool. Select the learning resources and materials link below for more information on connecting and utilizing this system.


    Remote Proctor Now is an on-demand (24/7) proctoring system that allows students to take an online exam at any time using a computer, webcam and microphone. RPNow verifies the student's Whitworth ID and records the exam and the test-taking environment for later review by RPNow proctors and the instructor to ensure academic honesty. For more information, please contact Patrick Lordan


    The self-service Scantron Score is located on the second floor of the library near the ITMS counter. Students may purchase Scantron forms from the Whitworth University bookstore.


    SPSS is a limited, metered statistical software package available for faculty, staff and student use. SPSS is available to install on institutionally owned computers. Due to the network license model employed by IBM, a connection to the Whitworth network, either directly or via VPN, is necessary in order to use the software. Submit requests for software installation directly to Tony Aoyagi.


    WebEx is Whitworth's adopted screen sharing and video conferencing tool. WebEx provides a way for faculty to host virtual classes remotely in real time. This web conferencing platform can be used for virtual offices hours, web meetings and webinars. For more information, please select learning resources and materials or contact Patrick Lordan.

    Software, Learning Resources & Help

  • Online & Hybrid Learning

    Patrick Lordan
    Instructional Designer

    Instructional resources staff provide instructional design support for Whitworth faculty interested in distance learning, whether for online or hybrid (blended) courses. Faculty training for course design, development and teaching is available throughout the year. Individual consultation is also available.

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Meet the Staff

Harriet Cheney Cowles Library
Cowles Memorial Auditorium

Library Hours