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Equipment & Policies

Equipment is limited and is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Instructional use takes priority over all other requests. ITMS asks that equipment is requested at least three days in advance. Checkout is for a period of 24 hours.

Equipment available for faculty and staff checkout

  • Extension cords
  • Extension reels
  • Data projectors
  • Digital audio recorders
  • DVD players
  • Transparency-style overhead projectors
  • Portable screens, 5-foot
  • Slide projector
  • SD camcorders
  • Tripods
  • USB microphones
  • Webcams

Note: Students may check out the above equipment for 24 hours with faculty or staff authorization.

Equipment available for student checkout

  • Digital audio recorders
  • FlipCams
  • ITMS also maintains and loans equipment designated for specific courses. The designated equipment will only be loaned to students officially enrolled in the specific course for which the equipment has been designated.

Note: Checkout is limited to 24 hours.

PC Laptops

Laptops for short-term instructional use such as professional development, conferences and special projects are available through information systems. They are loaded Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint. Laptops can be checked out for up to one week through the help desk. Contact for more information.

Equipment Use Policies

Fees: Equipment may be used without fee, subject to availability, by departments or offices of the university for any bonafide educational or administrative function. (The term "educational" is understood to encompass not only the academic programs but also educational activities organized by student life, ASWU, Dornsife Center, Office of Church Engagement, etc.)

University-related use that is neither educational nor administrative in nature may be subject to user fees. These "fee for use" activities include:

  • Use by off-campus groups arranged through the Office of Conferences Services
  • ASWU or student organization programs that do not serve as a learning experience

Entertainment use: Departments or campus organizations wishing to view and/or show videos for entertainment purposes are encouraged to rent equipment from commercial sources off campus. All public showings of streaming video and films are subject to copyright clearance.

Personal Use: Equipment will neither be loaned nor rented for personal use. This applies to faculty, staff, and students.

Student Organizations: Equipment use by ASWU and Resident Halls must comply with Whitworth University's copyright policies and the copyright law. See the student handbook for more information about copyright policies and visit for information about copyright law. Student use of equipment must be authorized by a Whitworth University staff or faculty member. This can be done by contacting the Manager of ITMS, Judy Dehle.

Time: ITMS requires at least three days advance notice to schedule equipment. Equipment may be checked out for a 24-hour period.

Non-Whitworth Use: Off-campus groups or organizations using university facilities under the auspices of the conference services office, or other host department of the university will be charged the fees and must request equipment and services through the office of conference services.

Media Collection

ITMS maintains the library DVD and videotape to support classroom instruction, faculty and student research, and general campus viewing. Research is available for locating and acquiring films and tapes not currently in the Whitworth collection. A number of films streaming videos are also available through the library video databases. (link to database page)

Production Services

ITMS provides audio and video conversion as well as media duplication services to meet institutional needs. Any conversion of media or duplication of media must be cleared of copyright. If you have any questions about copyright clearance for duplication or conversion please contact the associate director of technology & instructional support services, Judy Dehle.