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Blackboard Video: Getting Oriented

Blackboard: Enrolling a Teaching Assistant or Grader

Blackboard: Making a Course Available

Blackboard: Copying, Exporting or Importing a Course

Blackboard: Downloading a Grade Center

Blackboard Video: How to Create an Announcement

Blackboard Video: How to Send an Email

Blackboard Video: How to Create a SafeAssignment

Blackboard Integrations

  • iClicker

iClicker: How to use with Blackboard

  • Panopto
  • Textbook
  • RPNow
  • WebAssign

Computer Labs

Computer Labs: Making a Reservation with Infosilem

  • All labs have Microsoft Office installed standard. Specific software titles vary by lab.
  • Black-and-white printing is available in all general use labs. Color printing is available in the Harriet Cheney Cowles library via the color printer located at the ITMS counter.
  • Please refer to the following table for a list of software resources in each academic lab. If you have questions about a specific software title, please contact Tony Aoyagi.
BuildingTypeOperating System VersionInstalled Software
Dixon Hall #101  PC  Windows 10 Mathematica, SPSS
Hawthorne Hall #106 PC Windows 7 Mathematica, SPSS 
Hawthorne #112 PC Windows 7 Mathematica, SPSS
Library #209  Mac  Mac OS 10.1.12 Adobe Creative Cloud, Final Cut Pro
Library #223 PC Windows 10 Adobe Creative Cloud, ArcGIS, Autodesk Products, Mathematica, SPSS 
Library #235  PC Windows 10 Adobe Creative Cloud, ArcGIS, Autodesk Products, Mathematica, SPSS 
Library Study Lab  PC Windows 10 Mathematica, SPSS 
Weyerhaeuser Hall #101  PC  Windows 10 Mathematica, SPSS

Technologically Enhanced Classrooms and Conference Rooms

Dixon Hall Classroom Technology Information

Hawthorne Hall Classroom Technology Information

Johnston Science Center Room 233 Technology Information

Robinson Science Hall Rooms 210 and 310 Technology Information

Weyerhaeuser Hall Classroom Technology Information

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office Downloading and Installing




WebEx Getting Started Guide