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Empower U Workshops

What are Empower U Workshops?

These workshops are designed to provide students at Whitworth University with educational opportunities to enhance their understanding of the complexities of the human family and social justice in relation to diversity, equity and inclusion. The workshops are especially constructed to equip students with an expanded worldview for an ever-changing diverse world and skills to be empowered, socially conscious citizens in and outside of the campus setting.

Each workshop will provide important concepts with facilitated dialogue and impactful activities that will inspire continued conversation and reflection beyond. Specifically, student participants will be empowered to take ownership in the collective learning.

Workshops run for approximately 60 to 90 minutes.

Fall 2021 Empower U Workshop Registration


Anti-Racism 101

This workshop will give student participants a common definition of racism and explore the historic development of institutional racism in the U.S. We will examine ongoing realities of racism including the identity-shaping that power racism has on people of color and white people; explore racism’s individual, institutional and cultural manifestations; and consider the link between racism and other forms of oppression. A strategic methodology to dismantle racism will be introduced, focusing specifically on applying principles of organizing social/cultural change.

Power and Privilege 101

What is privilege? Do I have privileges? How does power intersect with privilege? This workshop will introduce participants to concepts of privilege and power, who has them, and how they are granted at individual and systemic ways. Through impactful activities, participants will gain an understanding of how history, culture and systems influence agency, as well as explore the ways that power can be envisioned so that participants can harness their personal and collective power to advance justice and equity.

Power of Language 101

Have you ever unintentionally said something to someone which resulted in one or both parties being offended? This workshop examines how individuals' good intentions with their communication can have an adverse impact on others, provides helpful tips, and explores the posture we can take towards a practice of inclusive language that respects the dignity of all people. Participants will gain awareness of the power of language in the context of culture and learn how to respond more appropriately.

Identity 101

This workshop focuses on the construction of social identities and how they affect one's perception of and interaction with the world around them. Participants will engage in reflection to better understand their own multicultural identities, with a focus on racial identity development and its relevance to the communities with whom they interact and spaces in which they occupy. Participants will walk away with a deeper understanding of their own identity, the richness in knowing the diverse experiences of others, and a recognition of the opportunities to bridge divides to cultivate an affirming community across differences.

Faith & Diversity 101

Faith & Diversity 101 will offer participants the opportunity to reflect on how their own faith tradition relates to the value of diversity. The workshop will examine how those who share with the university's Christian identity may understand and respond to Christ's call to be a community of peace as it relates to ongoing social issues and systems of oppression.

Allyship 102

What does it mean to be an ally? This workshop is for students who want to do more than just be mere bystanders to injustice and inequality. We will introduce participants to what it means to become an ally and embark on discovering the ways individuals can immediately impact change and promote long-term social justice. Participation pre-requisite: Prior attendance in another Empower-U workshop.