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Programs & Support Services

The office of student diversity, equity & inclusion faciliates a variety of programs to support and advocate for historically underrepresented students, and cultivates a community of equity and inclusion that serves all students. 

Act Six

New Faces in Leadership for the Campus. For the City. For the Future.

Act Six is a leadership and scholarship program that connects local faith-based community affiliates with faith- and social-justice-based colleges to equip emerging urban and community leaders to engage college campuses and their communities at home. The Act Six network currently consists of six local community affiliates and 16 partner colleges across two regions serving 814 scholars in 121 cadres from nine cities. At each of the six program sites, Act Six operates as a locally owned initiative of the Act Six affiliate, supported by the Act Six Central Office at Degrees of Change.

On campus, Act Six scholars are making a profound impact as they demonstrate their leadership in a wide variety of contexts. Creating award-winning programs in the residence halls, founding and leading clubs, and serving as student government officers, these scholars are making a difference on campus. And the impact doesn't end at graduation. Act Six alumni put their passion and education to work back in their home communities and in other communities around the country and world.

Whitworth University has graduated 16 cohorts of Act Six scholars and currently hosts four cadres with 30 Act Six scholars. For more information about Whitworth’s Act Six program, contact Ayaka Dohi at or 509.777.4572.

BUCS Bridge

Learn more about the PRE-ORIENTATION PROGRAM

The Building Unity and Cultivating Success (BUCS) Bridge Program is a pre-orientation program designed to serve first-year students who are in the first generation of their families to attend college and/or come from historically underrepresented backgrounds. This five day program introduces incoming students to Whitworth's faculty, resources and peers before first-year orientation begins. After the pre-orientation, participants may opt-in to our peer mentoring program to receive ongoing support from our peer guides and staff throughout their first year. Students involved in BUCS Bridge experience the benefits of community-building, gain skills in college navigation and further develop their multicultural identity. For more information about this program, contact Whit Jester at or 509.777.4845.

Cultural-Diversity Advocates

The cultural-diversity advocate (CDA) model is a unique role on campus that promotes dialogue on race, ethnicity and other lines of difference, often engaging differing viewpoints.

The CDA position has been in place for the past 30 years and contributes to achieving Goal 4 of the Whitworth 2021 strategic plan, which is to "demonstrate courageous leadership in a diverse world." The student-held position is part of the greater campus leadership team and has three primary objectives that set it apart from other student-leader positions: 1) to facilitate dialogue in which race, ethnicity and culture can be constructively discussed across differing viewpoints; 2) to develop monthly cultural programs for the benefit of students; 3) to connect all students to the available resources that exist both on and off campus. For more information about this program, contact Ayaka Dohi at or 509.777.4572 or Lulú González at or 509.777.4509.

Empower U Workshops

Learn More About Empower U Workshops

These workshops are designed to provide students at Whitworth University with educational opportunities to enhance their understanding of the complexities of the human family and social justice in relation to diversity, equity and inclusion. The workshops are especially constructed to equip students with an expanded worldview for an ever-changing diverse world and skills to be empowered, socially conscious citizens in and outside of the campus setting.

Each workshop will provide important concepts and facilitate dialogue and impactful activities that will inspire continued conversation and reflection beyond. Specifically, student participants will be empowered to take ownership in the collective learning.

Workshops run for approximately 60 to 90 minutes.

Global Gateway


This four-day program is designed as a pre-orientation for international students and third-culture students with the goal of assisting in their transition to Whitworth. For more information, contact Lulú González at or 509.777.4509.

Immigration Learning Circle

The Immigration Learning Circle is a community of support for students who immigrated to the United States, have loved ones who immigrated to the U.S., or have been impacted by immigration policies. Facilitated by staff members in SDEI and the counseling center, the group meets twice a month dedicating time and space to build a strong community network, share and listen to experiences, ask questions in a safe and secure place, and get connected to resources. For more information or to find out how to get involved, contact Ayaka Dohi at or 509.777.4572.

International Support Services

Whitworth offers services to assist in international students’ transition throughout the academic year to Whitworth. Our goal to provide support and connections through the appropriate resources. For more information, contact Lulú González at or 509.777.4509.

PRO Closet

PRO Closet provides Whitworth students with gift cards to select department stores to purchase proper and professional attire needed for an interview or first job. We want our students to feel confident and prepared for their first professional experience. In addition to having the ability to purchase professional clothing items and look and feel their best as they enter the professional world, students can receive individualized coaching from one of our career services representatives.

All current Whitworth students may apply for PRO Closet funding, regardless of class standing or major. Priority may be given to students who have a career-related obligation or junior or senior standing, depending on resource availability.

PRO Closet is sponsored by career services and the office of student diversity, equity & inclusion and is funded by generous Whitworth donors.