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Anesu Mujenge '22

'Global nomad' advocates for human rights

My father worked for a non-governmental organization, and such occupations often entail placement in foreign countries. As such, I was born in Zimbabwe, raised in Kenya, and nurtured into a third British-international culture. This makes me a global nomad of sorts. Cross-cultural connection is all I know, and international relations has been my lifestyle. As soon as I recognized it could also be my field of study, there was no doubt what my majors would be.

Under the pre-law track, I am double majoring in international studies (political science emphasis) and French. I chose French alongside international studies because I relish the prospect of connecting as vastly and deeply as possible across the globe while advocating for international human rights.

Eclectic would be a fine adjective to describe my academic pursuits. I have a general idea of what my career may involve, but not a specific one. I am open to an array of prospects, and Whitworth has helped me define my career goals by affirming my uncertainty and challenging me to lean into my curiosity and do all that I love at the same time. I am confident this approach will enable me to be a more holistic servant to humanity.

As a project specialist with the Carl Maxey Center, Spokane’s first Black community center, I provide legal assistance for employee discrimination cases. I also undertake projects such as planning virtual hangouts for senior citizens, writing columns for Black Lens News, and participating in virtual Washington for Black Lives meetings.

My faith and education are inextricably intertwined. I do not believe I would want to be an international human rights lawyer if it was not for my faith – it has been the factor that has shaped my vocational goals. 

This story appears in the Spring 2021 issue of Whitworth Today magazine.


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