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Campus Services

Opportunities for Christian Growth

Campus ministry at Whitworth offers a variety of programs that provide nurture, worship and service opportunities for Whitworth students. Through special events, ongoing ministries and regular gatherings coordinated by the Whitworth Campus Ministry Office, students are encouraged to get involved in activities that enable them to discover God's love and purpose fortheir lives and to share that love by serving others. Some options include Tuesday/Thursday chapel, Hosanna, campus prayer, spiritual mentoring groups, small groups, and weekend retreats. Call 509.777.4345 or visit for more information.

Whitworth University Bookstore

Required texts and materials for class, as well as Whitworth apparel, souvenirs and gift certificates, are available at the bookstore in the HUB. A text-reservation service offered at the beginning of fall and spring terms allows student to pre-pay for books and have them boxed up and ready to go when the student arrives on campus. Most students spend $350-$450 per semester for books and supplies. Merchandise at the bookstore cannot be charged to a student account. For more information, please call 509.777.3277 or visit

Student Activities

Through involvement as student leaders and as participants in events and organizations, students engage important issues, experience innovative and exciting activities, and build lifelong friendships – all necessary for the optimum university experience. Opportunities include intramurals, outdoor recreation, student ministry, theatre, music, student government, student-operated media, residence-life leadership and programming, and a wide range of clubs and organizations. For more information, call 509.777.3796 or visit

Student Financial Services

Hours of operation:

Cashier services: Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Student inquiries: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
(Other times are available by appointment.)

Submission of registration/withdrawal forms obligates each student for payment of applicable tuition and fees, including a 1.5 percent-per-month finance charge that may be assessed on unpaid balances (including finance charges previously assessed), as well as any subsequent collection expenses and fees (including, but not limited to, attorneys' fees, collection fees, court costs, and other out-of-pocket expenses). It also implies acceptance of the university's financial policies. It is the student's responsibility to pay his/her bill on time and to ensure that his/her registration/ withdrawal is correctly processed. Students should be aware that billing rates may change if their registration type and/or status should change.

Whitworth reserves the right to withhold student information, including transcripts and diplomas, until a student's account has been paid in full, and until all Whitworth and Perkins loan payments are current. No student will be permitted to register for a term if s/he owes a balance for a prior term.

A student's written authorization is required to apply Pell and SEOG grants, Perkins, university, federal and Stafford loans, and/or PLUS checks to an account for charges other than tuition, fees, or room and board; such authorization is also necessary for Whitworth to hold any of these funds in excess of the above charges on an account. The necessary authorization form is included in the electronic Confirmation Billing Form that all students are required to complete prior to the beginning of fall semester. Financial aid refunds are issued on Wednesdays and Fridays. Students are expected to take this into consideration when planning their budgets for books and other personal expenses. If a student withdraws from Whitworth, his/her tuition refund will be issued within 10 days after all adjustments to financial aid, scholarship returns to grantors, and other account charges have been processed.

Grievances concerning financial matters should be referred to the vice president or associate vice president for finance and administration. Reminder: the Anti-Drug-Abuse Act of 1988 requires federal aid to be withdrawn from students engaged in the unlawful manufacture, distribution, possession or use of any controlled substance. Call the following Whitworth Student Financial Services numbers according to last name: A-G: 509.777.4317, H-N: 509.777.4203 and O-Z: 509.777.3209 or visit for additional information

Financial Aid Information

Parents play an important role in a student's ability to obtain financial aid, and as a parent you can assist with the application process. Remind your son or daughter of important deadlines that are highlighted on our website, and help your student learn to manage funds. Most financial aid information will go directly to your son or daughter. We encourage you to ask your student to share this information with you. Students can view their financial aid awards and Whitworth student accounts online on Pirate Port.

In order to receive financial aid funds, a student must be enrolled in the required number of credits (full-time enrollment is 12 or more credits), have a completed financial aid file, and be making satisfactory academic progress. If your student has not received financial aid funds by mid-October, please check with our office.

Students must reapply for financial aid each year. Your student can submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or renewal FAFSA for 2017-18 after Jan. 1, 2017. Using federal PINs, parents and students can apply on the web at Whitworth's priority deadline is May 1 for students attending the fall semester. Students applying for summer work-study should complete the FAFSA by March 1. We are committed to keeping a student's financial aid resources consistent from year to year, unless the family's circumstances change significantly or the student does not make satisfactory academic progress.

Continuing students interested in Whitworth's special donor-based scholarships should complete an online application each year. The online scholarship application deadline is Jan. 31; the application becomes available in December.

Please visit the Whitworth Financial Aid Office website at for more information on receiving aid and maintaining financial aid eligibility at Whitworth. For consumer information related to Whitworth University, please see

Student Employment & Career Services

The Whitworth Career Services Office, located on the second floor of the Hixson Union Building, assists students in all aspects of career development. The following services are available: computerized career assessment, self-assessment and career counseling; job-search seminars and career events; internship and full-time employment listings; career/employer/graduate-school information; and assistance with choosing a major, creating a résumé, alumni networking and Internet job searches. Call 509.777.3272 or visit

Health & Counseling Center

The Whitworth Health & Counseling Center, located in Schumacher Hall, is committed to promoting optimal health and wellness for the student body. Full-time and part-time undergraduate students are eligible to receive services at the center. Students' spouses and children are not eligible for services. Nurse practitioners, licensed counselors, registered nurses, and front-desk staff provide individualized care for our students. The center will provide health services without charge according to the provisions of the Whitworth Health Services Plan. Each student is eligible for six free counseling sessions per academic year. Complete information on staff, services, and the health services plan, along with the student accident insurance policy, is available at

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

As a leading Christian institution of higher learning, Whitworth University seeks to educate and prepare students to "honor God, follow Christ, and serve humanity." In accord with this core mission, we seek to model Christ's love across racial, ethnic, gender, socio-economic, religious, and other expressions of human difference. Visit the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion webpage

For more information about student resources please view the Overview of Diversity & Intercultural Relations at Whitworth, or contact Acting Executive Director Shawn Washington at 509.777.4330, or Assistant Director Lulu Gonzalez at 509.777.4509.

Educational Support Services

The Whitworth Educational Support Services Office, on the second floor of the HUB, provides individualized academic support, effective study-skills instruction, and follow-up for students experiencing academic difficulty. There is no charge for these services. Tutoring, in both group and individual settings, is offered through a number of academic departments. Students requesting academic accommodations must identify themselves as such and must provide supportive documentation, complete the intake process, and interview with the educational support services office to determine the level of support needed. Each semester, students are responsible to inform the educational support services office in advance of their need for individualized services. Call 509.777.4534 or visit

Student Success Center

The Student Success Center, located in Lindaman Hall, Room 206, is a designated area for study, tutoring and test proctoring. The Student Success Team comprises caring and committed faculty and staff members who strive to support Whitworth students during their time at Whitworth by connecting them to resources and by reaching out when any student's behavior causes concern. Contact the Student Success Team or learn more about us.

Parent Guide to the Library

Sharing the university's mission to provide its diverse student body an education of mind and heart, the Whitworth Library serves students, faculty and staff with information resources and related services that support learning, teaching and scholarship, and intellectual, professional and spiritual development. For information specific to parents and families, please visit the Parent Guide to the Library.

Compositions Commons

Composition Commons is a place for all students on campus to work one-on-one with a student or faculty consultant on any step of the writing process. Student and faculty consultants represent many departments. Students may make an appointment by signing up online, or they may stop by any time during open hours in Cowles Library, Room 242. For more information, please visit

Exam Survival Kit Gift Service

To encourage your student during final exams, visit to order a gift for him or her. If you have questions, please contact the Whitworth Office of Alumni & Parent Relations at 509.777.3772.

Parents Fund

The Parents Fund is designed specifically for parents of current and former students who would like to donate directly to areas that help Whitworth students. The financial support of parents who give something extra helps hold down costs for the 96 percent of our students who receive aid. The Parents Fund supports the following four areas:

Student scholarships (the area of greatest need)

Academic & student life (supports Whitworth's commitment to build community and offer opportunities for learning outside the classroom)

International initiatives (supports student involvement in international experiences and helps to increase the international-student presence on campus)

Facilities & grounds (supports new technology, maintaining and renovating buildings and keeping our campus secure)

Information on these areas and opportunities for giving are provided twice a year, during the parent phonathon and via a mailing in the spring. To make a gift or pledge online, please visit For more information, email Director of Alumni & Parent Relations Dale Hammond at

Regional Alumni/Parent Chapters

Alumni and parents who love Whitworth have formed chapter leadership teams in Portland, Seattle and Los Angeles (with plans to establish chapters in additional cities in the future). Generally, these leadership teams dream, plan and carry out events and programming for the diverse body of alumni and parents living in each region.

The goals of the regional chapters are to provide opportunities for alumni, parents and friends of Whitworth to foster a lifelong connection with the university through...

  • social networking
  • continued intellectual enrichment (faculty lectures and engagement)
  • professional growth opportunities
  • mentoring current students
  • involvement with admissions and legacy-building

Contact Assistant Director of Development Danika Hatcher at or 509.777.4761 if you are interested in taking part in regional activities or if you'd like to help in planning events in your area.

Social Media

Whitworth has a thoughtful and ever-growing social-media presence on various platforms. We hope you'll find ways to connect online! Visit the Social Media Index to learn about the many ways in which you can connect with Whitworth online. Please take a moment to read and understand Whitworth's social-media policies by clicking here.