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Student Success at Whitworth

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Student Success supports the mission of Whitworth University by connecting students to resources and supporting students through relationships. Our mission is fulfilled by coordinating care and resources for students in need, developing a quality peer coaching program, and implementing proactive initiatives to support student success.


The Student Success Center is located in Lindaman 206 and is a designated area for study and peer coaching.

Student Success Team

The Student Success Team is a group of caring and committed faculty and staff members who strive to support Whitworth students during their time at the university by connecting them to resources and by reaching out when any student's behavior causes concern. Contact the Student Success Team, learn more About Us, or visit Resources to access additional information about how to support people inside and outside the classroom.


Student success coaches are academically sound and relationally intuitive students who have been trained to help students navigate academic challenges and the college landscape. Apply to become a student success coach or find additional academic resources.

Early Alert & Reporting

You too can contribute to student success and a caring community at Whitworth by sharing any concerns that arise. Pirates keep an eye out. If you are worried about the well-being of a fellow Whitworthian, the Early Alert & Reporting website is a good place to start. Early Alerts for academic concerns or worrisome behavior will be reviewd by the Student Success Team on a regular basis. Bias and Title IX reports will be reviewed regularly by the vice president for student life.