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Clinical Education

Clinical education is a key component of the Whitworth University Doctor of Physical Therapy program and provides students an opportunity to live out the DPT mission in clinical and community settings. These experiences allow for progressive integration of cognitive, psychomotor, and affective skills with the goal of transitioning our doctoring candidates from students to entry-level clinicians. It is through a cooperative effort between the university, clinical site, and student that the clinical education program meets its goal of developing the student into clinicians who meet the following program objectives.

Whitworth DPT Expected Graduate Program Objectives

  • Embrace servant leadership identities by assuming social responsibility, social justice, and global citizenship, while incorporating faith and learning.
  • Internalize formation commensurate with the expectations of the physical therapy profession.
  • Develop as movement system experts who consider the physical, emotional, social and spiritual components of health in the design of patient-centered plans of care.
  • Collaborate as primary care providers and healthcare consultants with patients and families, professional colleagues and communities to optimize quality of life.
  • Prioritize quality, cost-efficient, patient-centered care that integrates sound ethical, legal and business practices, as valued members of the healthcare team.
  • Educate others, considering the context of the individual, the task and the environment.
  • Engage in self-directed learning and scholarship that prepare them to be life-long learners to advance health and wellness in our society.
  • Adapt personal resilience to meet the needs of their professional roles and the global communities. 

Full-Time Clinical Experiences

  • DPT 860 Clinical Education Experience I (CEI)- Fall (Year 2)

  • DPT 961 Clinical Education (CEII)- Fall (Year 3)

  • DPT 962 Clinical Education (CEIII) – Spring (Year 3)

APTA Resources & Forms: Full-Time Clinical Experiences