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Off-Campus Housing

Many excellent housing options close to the Whitworth campus are available for juniors and seniors. Before moving off campus, please make sure you're allowed to do so under the Whitworth Housing Requirement.

Student Resources

Students, Landlords, Etc.

  • Have an apartment, house or maybe just an opening in an existing place that you'd like to fill? Click here to list it.
  • Already listed your property but need to edit it? Click here to begin.
  • Be wary of scams. Your listing is open to the world and may be a target for unscrupulous individuals. Please see the FBI's listing of Common Fraud Schemes. The most common scam we have seen is called an "advance-fee fraud." The potential renter sends the landlord more money than necessary. The landlord then cashes the check and mails the difference back to the potential renter. However, the landlord's bank soon discovers that the check is fake and reverses the deposit to the landlord's account. The landlord is now out both the money sent back to the renter and any fees associated with cashing the bogus check. Remember: If it smells fishy, it probably is.

Students who live off campus may purchase any of the meal plans available. For information, please see the Meal Plan Information page.