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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you participate in the PTCAS application system?

Yes; Whitworth University does participate in The Physical Therapist Centralized Application Service (PTCAS). You can add Whitworth to your application after you log in to PTCAS, or click here to learn more about the application service. 

What information is used to made decisions for admission into the Whitworth Doctor of Physical Therapy program?

The Whitworth DPT program incorporates a holistic approach in application review, and will consider both academic (GPA and GRE scores) and non-academic factors (service, leadership and life experiences). These factors will be used to determine an interview invitation.

Do I need to take the GRE?

Yes. The scores will be used post-admission in preparation for the NPTE. Whitworth's PTCAS GRE code is 2949. 

Are community college courses accepted as fulfillment of prerequisites?

Community college courses may or may not fulfill prerequisites – the courses can be reviewed for acceptance, and must meet the content, level and lab requirements.

Do I need to have completed the prerequisite requirements prior to admission to the program? 

No. However, prerequisite coursework should be complete by July 1, 2022. 

Where will the clinical experiences be located?

Typically, 30 percent of clinical experiences will be in 50 miles of the Spokane area, with the remaining experiences in other cities and states. Students will be expected to travel for clinical experiences. Students are expected to pay for all living arrangements and costs associated with clinical experiences.

How many applicants are accepted each year into a cohort?

Forty students are accepted to begin as a cohort each fall.