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Alum Profile: Krista Pedey

Information about the MBA from alum Krista Pedey.Employer: Pitney Bowes
Job Title: Sales Analyst

What made you decide to pursue your MBA?

The path that led me to my MBA in international management was a long one. I was looking primarily for a career change, since I was not loving the work I was doing. When my husband and I decided to move from Boston to Spokane, I thought a well-known and well-respected local university would have just the program I needed to get my career off to a fast start in Spokane. And that's exactly what happened when I decided to go to Whitworth.

How has Whitworth's MBA program helped connect you with community members and businesses?

Whitworth's MBA program immersed me in the Spokane community. I attended classes with professionals like me, and to this day I could pick up the phone and call any of them. Since many faculty members started their careers in the business world, each has connections available to the students; all you have to do is ask. Finally, included in the curriculum of several classes were presentations from well-known and successful community members. It's not every MBA program that features the mayor giving an hour-long presentation. I feel truly connected to our business community.

Would you recommend the Whitworth MBA Program?

I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to pursue an MBA. I felt that the education I received was well rounded and relevant to today's business environment. The schedule is designed for working professionals, and I didn't have to sacrifice my job to attend classes. It's not always easy to attend evening classes, but it is always worth it.