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Faculty-Led Programs

The Whitworth Office of International Education is proud to offer an array of faculty-led programs each year in a variety of locations, terms and academic disciplines. Each program is led by a Whitworth University faculty member and offers academic credit, cultural immersion, and comprehensive support.

2024-25 Programs List

The following faculty-led programs will be offered for Fall Term 2024, Jan Term 2025, Spring Term 2025 and Summer Term 2025.

  • To apply: Go to our online study abroad portal and search by program name.
  • Applications open: Feb. 6, 2024
  • Applications close: March 1, 2024

Jan Term Programs

  • Education in Spain-Montessori | Jan Term 2025 | Spain
  • First-year Honors Renaissance & Baroque Art in Italy | Jan Term 2025 | Italy

Spring Semester Programs

April/May Programs

  • MIT & TCP Hawaii (only for education majors) | April 2025 | Hawaii
  • Education in Australia (only for education majors) | May 2025 | Australia