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Resources for Faculty Leaders

OCP Proposal Form

The Whitworth Office of International Education Center staff are excited to announce the opening of the academic year 2021-22 OCP proposal period. Each year we are proud to offer a diverse array of country and curricular representation within OCP, and we welcome your proposals for Fall 2021, Jan Term 2022, Spring 2022 and Summer 2022. Completed forms with all required signatures are to be returned to Rebecca Gahl-Partridge, assistant director of off-campus programs, by May 1, 2020.

Please note: The attached form allows you to fill in the details of your proposal; however, you will still need to print the finished version in order to get the signatures from your department chair and scan or send the hard copy to Rebecca. If you do not have Adobe Reader installed on your computer and complete this form in a browser, you can print it directly from there, but to save it as a document, you will need to go to: "File-Print" then change the destination to "Save as PDF." If you close the filled-in document prior to doing so, you may lose the content you have completed.

Faculty Leader Admin Access: OCP Application Portal

Faculty leaders of currently approved off-campus programs are to use the above link to find the online administrative portal in order to access applications and make admissions decisions.

Faculty Leader OCP Training

This presentation provides an overview for OCP faculty leaders of the financial management, risk management, and health/safety guidelines and requirements.

Managing Student Mental Health Abroad

Being equipped with the tools and knowledge to effectively and responsibly address students' emotional and mental health concerns abroad is an essential tool in the faculty leader's toolkit. This PowerPoint presentation addresses the topic of student mental health, outlines federal and institutional regulations, clarifies our off-campus programs procedures, and details the tools, techniques, and proper responses for a variety of common mental health-related situations abroad.

OCP Non-Participant Request Form

This form is to be used by OCP faculty leaders to formally request the inclusion of a non-participant to their program. Examples of non-participants include: spouse, dependents, family members, community members.

OCP Incident Report Form

This form is to be used by OCP faculty leaders when documenting the details associated with an incident or emergency during an off-campus program, domestic or international.

OCP Emergency Response Manual

This manual serves as a comprehensive resource for OCP faculty leaders in the areas of crisis response and emergency planning. Specific guidance is provided to assist leaders to effectively respond to a variety of emergency types, including illness/injury, sexual assault, missing person situation, natural disaster and terrorism.