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Steps to Study Away/Abroad

Participating in an off-campus program in the U.S. or abroad doesn't need to be complicated. The off-campus programs staff is here to support you each step of the way!


  • WATCH our Study Abroad 101 video for an introduction to how study abroad works at Whitworth.
  • EXPLORE & RESEARCH available programs through our study abroad portal, Via, attend information sessions, and visit the Off-Campus Programs study abroad fair (held each year in February).
  • TALK to your faculty advisor about the best term for you to study abroad and how to arrange your academic plan to accommodate a study abroad experience. It's important to know what courses/degree requirements you're hoping to fulfill through your study abroad program.
  • MEET with a staff member in the Whitworth Office of International Education. These advisors can help you choose a program that meets your academic, financial and professional needs and goals. To make an appointment, email 


  • APPLICATION PROCESS: Go to the online application portal here and find your program to start an application.
  • COMPLETE the online Whitworth application. Once you are approved, newly required forms will be unlocked by the portal and made available to you. Be sure to log in frequently to check your outstanding requirements.
    • For students applying to study abroad for a semester through an exchange or partner program, you will need to complete Whitworth's online application in addition to a program application facilitated by the host university/partner program. Steps to complete this application will be provided to you by Whitworth's online portal as well as staff in the off-campus programs office.


  • ATTEND the mandatory pre-departure orientation, hosted by the Whitworth Office of International Education. This orientation session is provided in December for students studying abroad the following spring semester, and in April/May for students studying abroad the following fall semester. Students going on a faculty-led Jan Term program will receive information about their pre-departure orientation from their faculty leader directly.
  • CHECK your travel documents to ensure your passport is valid (must not expire within six months after your study abroad program ends). Students going on domestic study away programs should ensure their U.S. driver's license is compliant with the REAL ID Act.
  • PACK your suitcase and get ready to go!

For more information about each part of the study abroad/away process, follow the links below:

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