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OCP Grants & Scholarships

There are various Whitworth donor-sponsored scholarships designated for students studying abroad though off-campus, faculty-led programs. The scholarships and grants vary in their eligibility requirements and total award amounts, but listed below is a brief summary of the award titles and amounts. View the full eligibility and award details here: OCP Financial Aid Summary.


Application Opens April 15, 2023
Application Deadline May 7, 2023
Award Notification Early June 2023
Award notification date is estimated, actual notification may vary
  • Whitworth OCP Travel Grants: $300-$1,000 awards
  • Whitworth University Academic Travel Scholarship: $500 awards (nine offered)
  • Alice K. Yoder Travel Scholarship: (multiple scholarships – amount varies)
  • Ruth Baird Travel Scholarship: $1,900 awards (two offered)
  • Howard Stien Biology & Science Study Endowment: $475 awards (four offered)
  • Mary Jane Maxwell Foundation Scholarship: $600 awards (four offered)
  • Dr. Chip & Cheryl Kimball Scholarship for Experiential Learning: $580 awards (five offered)
  • Global Whitworth Study Abroad Scholarships for Underrepresented Students: (multiple scholarships – amount varies)
  • Pierre Christianne Lovrien French Study Tour Scholarship: $740 (five offered)
  • Daniels Photography Travel Award$1,000 minimum (amount varies; multiple awards offered)