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Homeschool Student Application Requirements

Whitworth University welcomes students who have been educated through a homeschool program. Homeschool students contribute unique perspectives and experiences to our student body, and we encourage them to apply. Whitworth's small class sizes and 11:1 student-faculty ratio provide a supportive academic experience in which professors challenge students to think critically and to integrate their faith into all aspects of life and learning.

Homeschool applicants must submit the following:

  1. A completed online Whitworth University Application or Common Application for first-year applicants. 
    Need help accessing the online application? Call the Whitworth Admissions Office at 509.777.4786.
  2. An unofficial transcript demonstrating academic achievement that includes a list of courses completed, the grade earned for each course and cumulative GPA (on a 4.0 scale). All transcripts must be signed by the program official or by a parent or guardian. 
    We consider the following for admissions decisions:
    - A non-accredited homeschool program GPA will be considered; however, extra weight will be given to other parts of the application file.
    - An accredited homeschool program GPA* will be considered equivalent to a traditional high school GPA.
    - If a student has taken five or more academic courses from a traditional/accredited high school or community college, that academic GPA* will be considered.
    *Please send all applicable official transcripts. 
  3. Test Scores (SAT/ACT/CLT)
    -Homeschool students who have taken less than five academic courses from an accredited high school or college program must submit test scores as part of their application.
    -Homeschool students who have taken five or more academic courses from an accredited high school or college program may choose to submit test scores, but they will not be required in order to complete the application.
    -Test scores may be sent directly from the testing service (SAT code: 4953 or ACT code: 4494) or from the student as a screenshot/photo. If a student sends a screenshot, it must include the student's first and last name, the testing agency logo or URL, the test date, and all composite and subscores.
  4. Optional: One letter of recommendation from someone other than a parent or guardian that addresses the applicant's academic accomplishments. Examples include a teacher from a homeschool co-op or a professor from a community college course.

Please send the letter of recommendation, transcript and SAT/ACT/CLT score reports to:

OR fax the application materials to: 509.777.3758 (Whitworth Admissions Office)

OR mail the application materials to:
Whitworth University
Admissions Office
300 W. Hawthorne Rd.
Spokane, WA 99251

What happens next?

After we receive a student's application, we will email instructions on how to check the application status. If this email is not received within two weeks of application submission, please call the Whitworth Admissions Office at 509.777.4786.

Whitworth has a "rolling" admissions process: After all application materials are received and processed by the Whitworth Admissions Office, students should expect a letter in the mail regarding Whitworth's decision within about three weeks.

Scholarship Opportunities

In awarding Whitworth scholarships, we will consider homeschool applicants' SAT, ACT and/or CLT scores if students have taken five of fewer accredited courses. If a homeschool student has completed at least five academic courses from an accredited high school or college, the student's GPA for these courses will be considered for scholarship assignment.

For more information about the first-year admissions process, please contact Whitworth's office of admissions at or 509.777.4786.