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Called to Formational Worship

Through relationships, study, discussion and worship, the Formational Worship Calling Community seeks to equip participants to nurture engaging and formative worship in our church congregations. As a result of our work together, participants will develop a project designed to enhance worship in their local congregations and may apply for grant money (up to $3,000/year/congregation) to implement their project. 


Anyone involved in a local church or parachurch organization within the greater Spokane area may apply to participate. Applicants make a one-year commitment and agree to be regular participants and contributors to learning community gatherings and events. Teams of participants from the same church (especially pastors and worship leaders) are encouraged to apply together.


The Formational Worship Calling Community is centered on three activities that form the foundation of our learning and work together:

  • Regular dinner/discussion/worship gatherings – held approximately every three weeks during the school year, these gatherings form the core of our work together and provide opportunities to learn, share and build relationships with one another. All meals, books and other materials are provided to all participants.
  • Whitworth Ministry Summit and other special events – Our group will participate in the Whitworth Ministry Summit (formerly the Whitworth Institute of Ministry) with sessions designed particularly around our learning theme. In addition, at least two guest speakers and clinicians will be brought in during the year for lectures or workshops.
  • Projects – Our learning together will inform projects that we will develop to nurture faithful worship in our own churches. Project proposals will be developed through the year, and the results will be celebrated in a culminating banquet in January.

Each year, a focus theme will be identified which will guide our learning together throughout the year. For 2019, the theme is "worship as formation." Our study together will focus on how worship forms us to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. Together over the course of the year, we will read together You Are What You Love: The Spiritual Power of Habit by James K.A. Smith (Brazos, 2016) and Essential Worship: A Handbook for Leaders by Greg Scheer (Baker, 2016). Participants will be encouraged to develop projects that engage this theme and apply for funding to implement them in their churches.


Regular dinner gatherings will be held on Monday evenings, 6-8:30 p.m. on the Whitworth campus. Dates for spring gatherings are Feb. 25, March 18, April 8 and 29, May 20 and June 10. Fall dates are Sept. 9 and 30, Oct. 21 and Nov. 18. A final, culminating celebration dinner will be held in January. The Whitworth Ministry Summit (June 24-27) and other special lectures/workshops will be held during the year (dates TBD).


All meetings and events will be held on the Whitworth University campus.


To apply, use the link below.  Applications are due Feb. 1, and participants will be notified of their status by Feb. 8.


Contact Benjamin Brody at or 509.777.3214