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Testing Information

What is the WEST-B?

The WEST-B (Washington Educator Skills Test - Basic) is a state required exam that tests the teacher candidate on three basic skills (Reading, Writing, and Mathematics). Admission to any Washington state residency teacher preparation program requires that the candidate pass all three subtests of the WEST-B. However, per WAC 181-01-025, candidates entering a Washington approved teaching preparation program may substitute a passing score on one or more sections of the SAT and/or ACT for the equivalent passing score on the WEST-B. The adopted passing scores for SAT and ACT are listed as follows:

Mathematics PASS (240+)

515+ (through 3/4/16)

27.5+ (beginning 3/5/16)

Reading PASS (240+)

500+ (through 3/4/16)

27+ (beginning 3/5/16)

Writing PASS (240+)

490+ (through 3/4/16)

28 (beginning 3/5/16

8+ (beginning 9/1/16)

23+ (if taken the exam 9/1/15 - 8/31/16)

8+ (through 8/31/15)

Information on the WEST-B can be found online at

What is the WEST-E/NES?

The WEST-E (Washington Educator Skills Test - Endorsement) or NES is a state required exam for anyone wanting to obtain a Washington State Residency Teacher Certificate or add endorsements to their teaching certificate. All candidates seeking teacher certification and/or additional endorsements are required to pass a subject knowledge test for each area in which they are seeking an endorsement. More information on the WEST-E and/or NES exam can be found online at

When should the WEST-E/NES be taken?

Whitworth requires that teacher candidates pass the WEST-E/NES exam in elementary education or his or her secondary education content area prior to student teaching. All other WEST-E/NES tests (special education, English language learners, reading, etc.) can be taken later, but should be taken before graduation. In addition to successfully completing the required course work, candidates must pass the appropriate WEST-E/NES exam in order to receive the desired endorsement.

What additional testing is required for designated world languages?

All candidates seeking designated world language endorsements in Spanish, German or French must pass the WEST-E Designated Languages Test and the oral and written ACTFL proficiency tests for their specific language. For information and to register, go to ACTFL Testing.

How do I register for the WEST-E/NES exam?

To register, go to WEST Testing. You must create an account in order to register. After making payment, you will receive an email with an Authorization to Test. Use this email to select your test site, date, and time. To view test dates, go to Test Dates. To view test fees, go to Test Fees.

How do I check seat availability for certain test dates?

It is possible to check appointment times for computer-based testing before registering. Appointment times are shown at Seat Availability

  • Select the test you will be taking.
  • Find the nearest test center by entering a city or ZIP code, and select up to four to find appointment dates and times.
  • Select the month you wish to test, and the calendar will display dates with open appointments.

How are scores reported?

At the conclusion of computer-based testing, you will receive unofficial results. Each testing window for computer-based testing has a designated official Score Report Date. On that date, a list is made available to Whitworth with the scores of all test takers who requested that their scores be reported to Whitworth. To ensure that Whitworth receives your scores, use the Whitworth recipient code, 253. Score reports will be emailed to individuals.

Note: Save your score reports! Treat your score reports the same as you would treat a transcript or your teaching certificate: Whitworth does not receive individual score reports and cannot provide copies if yours is lost.

How can I prepare?

Study guides are available online at Choose the "Prepare" link at the top of the page. On this page, you will find a variety of test preparation help, including sample questions and a test-preparation tutorial. There are also links to practice tests and testing information located on the Whitworth website: Preparing for the WEST-E.

Important Tips for Testing

  • Leave items such as large jewelry (bracelets, watches, necklaces, etc.) and bulky sweatshirts and jackets at home or in your car. You will be asked to remove them before you begin testing.
  • Empty your pockets prior to entering the testing center. You will be asked to turn your pockets inside out, and this will speed up the check-in process.
  • If you are unsure about a question during testing, flag it to come back to and check your answer. It will be displayed again at the end of the test.
  • Leave yourself 10-15 minutes at the end of the test to double-check your answers.

Other Questions?

Contact Director of Educational Certification and Career Services Crystal Weddington at or 509.777.4405.