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Faculty Guidelines for Using the Test/Proctor Form

General Guidelines 

Faculty are asked to always submit the ESS Test/Proctor form when submitting a test. This form allows complete instructions to be received by ESS, which is required to provide testing services.

  • If you need to email the exam or supplemental materials, always send attachments to
  • Do not send exam materials or instructions to This email will not check for exam information.

For multiple students taking the same course exam:

Professors are not required to submit individual proctor forms for each student scheduled to test in ESS. The proctor form allows you to list multiple student names, as well as attach multiple documents, including different exam versions or handouts to be used with the exam. (See instructions below.)

For students who schedule to test after you have already submitted your proctor form/exam:

The professor will still receive the "ESS Faculty Test Request" email from This email serves as a notification of the student's appointment date/time. ESS is not requesting you resubmit all your materials again.

Attaching Multiple Documents to the Faculty Test/Proctor Form 

  • If you are attaching more than one file, you must click "Add Document" before uploading the first file. For example, if you need to attach four documents (e.g. exam, periodic table, formulas and take-home homework), click "Add Document" four times before uploading any files.
  • For each document field, click "Browse," then insert the file you have selected from your computer and click "Upload."