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Policies & Procedures for Alternate Testing Accommodation

Implementing approved accommodations is an individualized, interactive and on-going process between student, faculty, and Educational Support Services (ESS) staff. Each individual involved in providing and receiving services needs to be communicative, meet one's responsibilities, and demonstrate poise and respect in the process. ESS provides Alternative Testing Services to eligible students. The following defined policies, procedures, and responsibilities will contribute to a successful exchange of service.

Policies & Procedures

  1. Students authorized for testing accommodations have three options for any given quiz/exam:
    a) Take the exam with the class choosing not to use their testing accommodations
    b) Take the exam with appropriate testing accommodations arranged by the professor
    c) Take the exam with appropriate testing accommodations in an ESS Alternative Testing location (proctoring hour opens at 8 a.m. and closes (last exam started) at 3 p.m., Monday through Friday)
    ESS Alternative Test Proctoring is available to students that are unable to complete testing during regularly scheduled times whether due to extenuating circumstances or because of disability accommodations.
  2. The role of ESS is to assist (but not to replace) faculty in providing students with testing accommodations. Faculty and student should discuss available opportunities within the classroom, faculty office hours, and/or other appropriate testing area that meet the accommodation need.
  3. While ESS will make every attempt to accommodate specific testing times, a request may not be accommodated due to limited staff, space, and/or time. When a request cannot be accommodated, the faculty member will be asked to provide alternative testing times.
  4. All printed testing materials received by ESS from the professor will go into a secure ESS marked Whitworth envelope with a label listing exam details (e.g. student, course, date/time, professor, etc.)
  5. ESS will not put exams/testing materials into intercampus mail as a return method, due to the risk of delay, out of office staff, and/or misplacement of delivery. If intercampus mail is requested by the faculty, ESS will hand deliver the exam to their respective mailroom inbox. Additionally, if faculty office doors are locked, exams will be slipped under the door if indicated as the return method.
  6. Students' right to education supersedes concerns about test integrity. Students with extended testing time accommodations cannot be forced to take a test at a specific time if that time overlaps with another class. In such cases, the test time will have to be adjusted, which may require faculty to provide an alternative version of the exam to maintain test integrity. Additionally, while ESS strives to conduct the best practices when handling test materials, any examinations taken out of faculty possession could jeopardize test integrity.
  7. In the event of cheating, the exam will be stopped, and all materials will be returned to the faculty member along with a written incident report. If rescheduling is permitted, the faculty member should call to verify the change with ESS.

Student Responsibilities

  1. The student must arrange for alternate testing accommodations with ESS in advance. It is not the faculty member's responsibility to notify ESS.
    Important: ESS requires a minimum of 36 hours (3 business days) notification, or with as much advance notice as the professor gives. This is to allow for testing room and staffing availability and/or any other needed accommodation(s) arrangements.
  2. Student must submit the online Request to Schedule Exam Form (link/form is hosted on the main ESS website) to provide ESS the following information prior to each test:
    a) Course Number (e.g. MA 330, CH 161) (Do not enter e.g. "Linear Algebra")
    b) Professor's First and Last Name
    c) Time and Date of the examination
    d) Special Requirements for exam (e.g. test is online/computer needed)
    e) Approved Accommodations to be used for the exam (e.g. extended time, scribe)
    Students should schedule their test time as close to the class period as possible.
    Please schedule test times on the hour (0:00) or on the half-hour (0:30) to support a distraction-reduced environment for all testers.
    Note: ESS Test Proctoring closes at 3 p.m.
    Note: A separate request form is required for each exam (i.e. multiple test dates cannot be submitted on one form)
    Note: You may submit separate requests to schedule all exams in advance if the test dates are provided in your syllabus and are unchangeable. You must contact the ESS office if test date changes (via email or phone; submitting a new request form is not needed)
  3. Students must arrive at the testing location at the agreed upon time. Students should arrive 5-10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time to receive their testing instructions. Students who come in late will either have the remainder of the scheduled time to complete the test and/or ESS reserves the right to return the exam to the professor. If the exam is returned, the student will be required to meet with their professor to discuss the situation and determine if a make-up will be administered. If rescheduling is permitted, the faculty member should call to verify the change with ESS.
  4. Students must show picture ID before taking the exam. Students will leave all personal items outside the testing area. Only items authorized by the professor will be allowed in the proctor site. If scratch paper is used, it is to be turned in with the completed exam.

Educational Support Services Responsibilities

  1. The ESS Coordinator will send a letter to each of the professors involved describing the accommodations warranted based on the documentation process (i.e. eligibility/ Memorandum of Accommodation). The professor will have the option of providing the testing accommodations or requesting the ESS office to administer the quiz/exam.
  2. If the professor/student elect ESS to provide the accommodations for the exam (and the student submits the online request to schedule an exam form) then the ESS Coordinator will make arrangements with the professor. Faculty will receive email notification from ESS with instructions every time a student has scheduled a test in ESS.
  3. ESS has a responsibility for protecting the integrity of the examination process; therefore, the professor of the course must approve any requested adjustments to the testing arrangements (e.g. late students, student states more items can be used for testing other than listed on the submitted Test/Proctor Form, make-up exams).

Faculty Responsibilities

Faculty members who request alternate testing accommodation through the office of ESS will therefore complete the following:

  1. Faculty will receive an email from the ESS office notifying them of the student's scheduled testing appointment. Instructions and a link to submit testing materials is provided in the email.
  2. Submit the online Test/Proctor Submission Form (link/form is hosted on the main ESS website) to provide ESS with all materials prior to the scheduled appointment time so to administer the exam accurately and maintain test integrity.
    Important: A separate submission form is required for each exam (i.e. multiple test dates cannot be submitted on one form). However, multiple student names can be placed on one form if taking the same exam.
    Important: Faculty are strongly urged to not send exams/testing materials to the ESS office via intercampus mail, due to the risk of delay, out of office staff, and/or misplacement of delivery.
  3. Give permission and notify ESS of alterative testing accommodation and/or conditions (e.g. approving/confirming an item for use on test, make-up exams, taking an incomplete/not testing)