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Bathroom Cleaning Guidelines

Several residence halls (e.g. Duvall and Boppell) and all of the theme houses have bathrooms that are to be adequately and routinely cleaned by residents living there. It is vital for the resident, his or her roommates, and the other students on the floor and in the building to maintain a clean, hygienic bathroom. Regular cleaning also helps the bathroom's fixtures and tiling look better and last longer.

Basic cleaning supplies are provided free to our residents by the university. Simply ask your RA and he/she will be more than happy to provide them for you. Students who fail to properly and routinely clean their bathrooms may incur charges. Your RA and RD can help your room establish a schedule for all residents to participate in cleaning.


Spray all surfaces from bottom to top with disinfectant cleaner. Scrub all surfaces using care not to scratch chrome and stainless steel. Pay special attention to grout or seams on lower part of wall and where the wall and floor meet. Rinse well with clear water. Towel dry stainless and chrome surfaces. Wipe down the shower curtains and check condition. If your shower curtain is wearing out, contact your RA and he/she will put in a work order to have your curtain replaced. Check the drain and remove hair and other obstructions. Spray the floor with disinfectant solution.

Sinks and Toilets

Spray disinfectant to wet all surfaces on the sinks and toilets. All surfaces must be sprayed in order to kill germs. Wait at least 30 seconds for the disinfectant spray to work. Then use paper towels to scrub all the surfaces of the sinks and toilets. Don't forget to scrub under the rim and in the throat of the toilet. Be sure to clean the base and behind the toilet. Towel dry all sinks and toilets.


Spray disinfectant on the glass. Wait at least 30 seconds for the disinfectant spray to work. Use a tougher cleaner to remove stubborn stains. Use caution to keep from scratching chrome surfaces.

General Bathroom Areas

Sweep the floors. Spot-clean walls, partitions, vents, windowsills, shelves and doors. Remove all garbage and occasionally mop the floor, paying special attention to areas around toilets and urinals. Mist all door handles with disinfectant and towel dry.