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Living on Campus

Numerous studies at colleges and universities across the nation indicate that students who live on campus enjoy a more successful and rewarding college experience. They tend to develop stronger study habits, have more contact with faculty and earn better grades. Those studies also show that students who live on campus get involved in more activities and meet more people.

This is true at Whitworth as well, where a creative blend of programs, activities and distinctive living environments provides students with a dynamic lifestyle that complements the academic experience.

Residence hall life will also provide you with an opportunity to develop your leadership skills. Whether you are running for dorm president, serving as ministry coordinator or planning a weekend activity, Whitworth's residence halls help you balance freedom and responsibility as you build and shape a living community.

Living on campus makes a lot of sense! For today's students seeking the highest return from their investment in higher education, campus life pays dividends that last a lifetime. Students can submit a formal request to have the housing requirement waived by clicking on the link.