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Guest Visitor Policies

The housing office has established a policy and guidelines regarding overnight guests of Whitworth students living on campus. All student hosts of overnight guests must register their guest within 12 hours of their arrival. The right of a student to live in reasonable privacy takes precedence over the privilege of his or her roommate to entertain a guest. Additionally, the university provides and maintains its residences for the use of legitimate rent-paying students.

To register a guest, use the form found here.

As such the housing office has established the following policy regarding guests and overnight visitors:

  1. Having a guest is a privilege, not a right. Whitworth University reserves the right to immediately remove any guest from campus.
  2. Anyone visiting a student in their room is considered a "guest" of the student host who's being visited. As a "host," students are responsible for their guests' compliance with the Community Behavioral Standards and all Whitworth policies outlined in the Student Handbook, whether or not the host is present in any situation where concern arises. This includes individual bedrooms, suites, apartments, houses and common areas within the residence halls. Additionally, students who have been found to frequent living areas will be presumed to be "guests" of the resident(s).
  3. Examples of guests can be any of the following, but not limited to: family members, students from other residence halls or living off campus, friends living off campus not associated with Whitworth University, "friends of friends" who accompany a guest into a residence hall, regardless of the relationship to the hosting student.
  4. Visitors to any residence hall must be escorted by a current resident of that hall while they are visiting, whether inside the room or in a common area. Visitors who are found to be without an escort may be required to leave the building and/or campus.
  5. All overnight guests:
    • are limited to two nights in any given month (regardless of whether or not various rooms were used),
    • must be of the same gender as the host; in compliance with the university's cohabitation policy, significant others of the same gender must stay in a separate room.
  6. Guests are only allowed when the halls are open to undergraduate students during Fall Term, Jan Term and Spring Term excluding Christmas Break, Spring Break and any summer term. To view when the halls are open, click here.
  7. Only students registered with the housing office as actual residents of a space may live and stay more than two nights in a month in that space.
  8. Guests are not allowed to sleep in common areas (e.g., building lounges, Duvall pod living rooms).
  9. The host must inform the university of the guest's stay by completing the Guest Registration Form here. Guests must be registered within 12 hours of the guest's arrival.
  10. Failure to abide by any of these policies may result in the guest being asked to leave campus, and additional sanctions for the host (including, but not limited to, monetary fines) may be assessed.
  11. Parking information: Visitor parking permits can be obtained from the student life office or the HUB Info Desk. Other campus departments may also have permits on hand to issue regular visitors. Visitor spots are for visitors (not students, faculty or staff) who aren’t eligible for regular parking permits. There are several visitor spots spread throughout campus for easy access to various buildings. View the Whitworth parking map here.