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Baldwin-Jenkins Hall

Baldwin-Jenkins, named for Estella E. Baldwin, registrar from 1935-70, and Marion R. Jenkins, dean of women from 1931-63, is a first-year residence for men and women. With eight halls total, Baldwin-Jenkins is known for its high-energy, inclusive atmosphere. From move-in day to the end of each year, first-year enthusiasm empowers members of the Baldwin-Jenkins community to grow into independent adults with strong relationships.

Student leaders in the building focus especially on making the transition to college life a smooth one by providing mentoring and programming relevant to first-year students' needs. As first-years take on new challenges, resident assistants, small-group leaders and cultural diversity advocates come alongside them with a variety of resources and relationship-building skills. Baldwin-Jenkins is unique in that it holds opportunities for incoming students to develop both their class identity and their individuality among peers who share the same experiences throughout the year.

Room Sizes

  • Double: 12' 6" x 15'

Floor Plans