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Room Check-In & Checkout

Checking In

Please go to Opening & Closing Dates to find more information about checking in to your room.

Checking Out

Storage update: Due to COVID-19 circumstances, Whitworth University is not offering student storage until further notice. Please see for more information.

To check out of your room during the semester, please make an appointment with your RA to complete your Room Inventory. At the end of the semester, each resident is also required to complete a checkout with the RA. Failure to follow this process will result in an improper-checkout fine (typically $50) plus cleaning costs (typically at least $50) and loss of housing deposit. Expect a checkout to take about 30 minutes; please plan accordingly.

  • Room and/or board refunds (when applicable) will be credited to your student account only AFTER your room checkout paperwork has been processed. The refund schedule is listed on your housing contract.
  • You must check out no later than 24 hours after your last final, unless you get permission from your RD. If you do not receive permission, you will be asked to leave immediately.
  • It is vital that your room has been thoroughly cleaned (and if you're not returning next semester, all of your belongings have been removed from the room) before the RA comes to complete a checkout. Failure to clean your room or remove your belongs will delay your checkout and/or result in a fine. You will only be allowed to check out if your room is clean, your belongings are removed, you've signed your Room Inventory, and you've returned your room key.
  • A room is considered clean only when all of the following have been completed:
    • All floors must be swept or vacuumed.
    • Windowsills and all furniture must be cleaned (both outside and inside).
    • All drawers must be empty and wiped clean.
    • All non-university-provided items (pictures, tacks, sticky-tack, etc.) must be removed from the walls, and all stains must be cleaned.
    • Do not attempt to fill holes in your wall.
    • All beds must be un-bunked and reset to approximately 12 inches off the ground. A $10 charge will be assessed for beds that are upside-down, not un-bunked or not reset appropriately.
    • You are also responsible for the hallway outside your room. Don't forget to vacuum the hall around your door and to clean dry-erase marks, etc., from the wall.
    • Old carpet and furniture must be properly disposed of off campus and is not the university's responsibility. A charge will be issued to those responsible for improperly disposed-of trash.
    • Dispose of all small trash in the dumpsters outside your hall. Do not put it in the hallway; leaving trash and/or furniture in the hallways is a fire hazard.
    • Cardboard should be placed next to dumpsters. Do not put cardboard in the dumpsters.
    • You must return your room key when you check out. If your key is not returned at checkout, a $50 charge will be added to your student account for a replacement key and service charges.
    • Residents ofBoppell Hall andDuvall Hall must also complete the following:
      • The entire bathroom (showers, toilets, sinks, floors, walls, etc.) must be clean
      • Kitchen cupboards and sink must be cleaned out and washed.
      • University-owned refrigerators must be defrosted and cleaned out.
  • You must sign up with your RA at least 12 hours in advance for a checkout time and plan on the process to take about 30 minutes. If you are more than 10 minutes late to your checkout time, you may be issued a fine. Do not go to the RA's room when it's time to do your checkout – wait in your room and the RA will come to you. Do not count on an RA to be available for any time other than the one you have prearranged. An improper-checkout charge (typically $50) plus cleaning costs and the loss of your housing deposit will be assessed if you leave without going through this process.
  • Storage update: Due to COVID-19 circumstances, Whitworth University is not offering student storage until further notice. Please see for more information. 
  • If you believe a mistake has been made on your Room Inventory, speak to your RA immediately. Understand that you may be charged for insufficient cleaning, damaged or missing items in your room, as well as for damages found in common areas of the residence hall. Keep a copy of the Room Inventory for your files.
  • If you are graduating or planning to live off campus next year, you may request the refund of your housing deposit by filling out the necessary form found at Student Accounts. Requests are not processed until mid-June.