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Summer Housing

Whitworth University provides limited on-campus summer housing. There are, however, a few restrictions with regard to this housing:

  • On-campus summer housing is available to currently enrolled Whitworth students only.
  • Students who take advantage of summer housing must be taking summer classes at Whitworth or working for the university as student employees.
  • Summer housing is provided in Duvall Hall, which features two-person rooms within six- to eight-person pods. Each pod contains its own bathroom (with two or three toilets, two or three sinks, and two or three showers). The building has well-appointed lounges, a large kitchen, and a laundry room.
  • Move-in is determined by when current Duvall residents leave for the summer. The earliest move-in date/time would be 10 a.m. the Saturday before graduation, but most students will be allowed to move in beginning on graduation day or the Monday following. Make sure to mention to your RA and RD that you will need a delayed checkout because of this.
  • Cost for Summer 2017
    • $24 per night, or $1,919 if staying for 90 days or more
  • Housing is granted on a first-come, first-served basis. Whitworth will make every effort to give each resident his or her own room; however, if demand is great, some residents will be assigned to double-occupancy rooms .
  • No housekeeping duties are performed by the university during a student's stay. The university will supply basic housekeeping supplies upon request.

If you would like to enroll in or inquire about summer housing, please contact the Whitworth Housing Office at or 509.777.4533.

General Information

Room Keys

The room key must be returned to the housing office at the end of your stay. Failure to return the key will result in a charge of at least $50.

This key is to be used only by the resident to whom it is issued. Residents are not allowed to let anyone else in the building with this key. Use of this key by other persons, either with or without the student's permission, will result in a charge of at least $50 per person, immediate removal of the student from the residence hall, and reclamation of the key issued.

Students are allowed to use this key only between the dates agreed upon by the housing office. If a student needs access to the building earlier or longer than agreed upon, he/she should contact the housing office at or 509.777.4533. Entering campus buildings at times other than those agreed upon will result in a charge of at least $50, immediate removal from the hall, and reclamation of the key issued.

Access Cards

A Whitworth student's regular I.D. card will allow access to summer housing; however, if a student has been issued a different access card, the card must be returned at the end of the stay. Failure to return the card will result in a charge of at least $35.

Work Orders

Students can report work orders and request cleaning supplies, bathroom tissue, etc., via School Dude.

Checking Out

Each summer resident must complete a checkout with the housing office shortly after he/she has finishes summer class or the on-campus job. Exception: If you are leaving between 9 p.m. and 8 a.m., simply remove all personal possessions from the room, lock the room, and slide the room key and access card (if one has been issued to you) under the door of the summer housing RA. To schedule a checkout, please email us at or call 509.777.4533.

Campus Policies

All campus policies that are in effect during the school year apply during the summer. Failure to adhere to ANY campus policies may result in your immediate removal from campus housing. To review campus policies, please click here.