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About Us

Whitworth University created the Student Success Team to engage students who may need additional support while at the university. The SST also facilitates communication between university departments and divisions in order to provide continuity of care for students. The team includes representatives from the student life and academic affairs divisions who provide holistic support for students; it is co-chaired by the director of student success and the associate provost.

Whitworth's SST offers faculty, staff, students and community members one place to report their concerns about students in the campus community through the Early Alert & Reporting page. In case of an emergency, a caller should always contact 911 and then Whitworth Campus Security (509.777.4444). The SST serves as the centralized coordinating team for discussion and action regarding students who exhibit worrisome behavior or who need additional support to keep them from slipping through the cracks. Our motto is, "Pirates keep an eye out," because we are a community whose members care about one another and want to see concerns addressed so that all may be equipped to succeed. 

The SST meets weekly to discuss individual students who are personally or academically at risk during their time at Whitworth. As a result of these meetings, students are contacted by a qualified person within the campus community and connected with the most helpful resources. Often, an SST member or someone within the campus community will meet with the student on a one-to-one basis to develop an individual plan for the student's success at Whitworth. The goal is to work proactively to enable students to find success at and beyond Whitworth.

*Though they are members of the SST, counseling center staff members still abide by HIPAA confidentiality policies.

To contact the SST, please email or fill out an Early Alert.