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2021 Housing Lottery

Each returning student wishing to live on campus the following year must participate in the Housing Lottery. This process is designed to give priority to students who have a higher class standing (and therefore fewer opportunities left to live on campus). To ensure a more diverse community, spaces for incoming students are reserved following the Same-Room process.

Updates to 2021 Housing Lottery

With the COVID restrictions on gatherings, having an in-person housing lottery is not possible. Instead, students will participate in a virtual version. We're keeping the basics – your Housing Points are based off of your class standing, the only way to secure a room is to fill the room, etc. – but instead of picking a specific room in person, you'll either partipcate in a Zoom session or complete the Adjusted Housing Lottery form, leaving the rest to the Whitworth Residence Life staff to pick your actual room assignment. Your participation is required by April 15 at noon (with the Same Room and In-House processes happening on April 14). The housing office will email your roommate and specific room assignment on or around April 23.

In order to participate in the housing lottery, you and each of your roommates for next year must complete the online housing lottery form before noon on April 15, or, complete the Same-Room or In-House process via Zoom on April 14 (see below). Additionally, once you secure a room at any of the processes below, you're done with the lottery (e.g. there is no "camping out" in a room during the Same Room process with hopes of moving to another room during the In-House process).

Please read all of this carefully. While it is a lot of information, a thorough reading will help you understand it.

Adjusted Housing Lottery

A brief summary of the Housing Lottery for 2021:

Step 1: Sign the housing

Step 2: Attend an optional Housing Lottery Q&A and Find-a-Roommate session. We'll answer all your questions about the housing lottery and even help you find a roommate if you're still looking for one:

  • Housing Lottery Q&A/Find-a-Roommate Session 1: Wednesday, April 7 at 1 p.m. via Zoom. Password: Wh1tworth!
  • Housing Lottery Q&A/Find-a-Roommate Session 2: Wednesday, April 7 at 4 p.m. via Zoom. Password: Wh1tworth!
  • Housing Lottery Q&A/Find-a-Roommate Session 3: Thursday, April 8 at 11 a.m. via Zoom. Password: Wh1tworth!

This is a helpful page for finding a roommate: Tips for Finding a Roommate.

Step 3: Decide if you'll participate in the Same Room process, the In-House process, or the Single, Double, Triple, Quad process. Once you secure a room at any of the above processes, you're done with the lottery. For example, you may not secure a room during the Same Room process and then particpate in the In-House process, hoping to move to another room. Also, keep in mind that once a process if over, it is no longer available "to fall back on." Choose wisely.

The Same Room Process (April 14 at 9:15 p.m. via Zoom):

This process is for students who wish to keep their current room for the next year (or move in with a person who's keeping their same room). You must be able to fill the room to secure the room – no exceptions. If you cannot fill the room, you cannot secure the room. You may sign up for a room with a roommate who is currently living in another building, off campus or even with an incoming student (provided he or she has confirmed with the university by the date of this process). Students same-rooming in a triple or quad (including Boppell apartments) need to have at least 50 percent of the room's maximum capacity returning to the room in order to sign up during the same-room process. This process will be done by Zoom. Your AC or AAC will email you a link to participate. Once this session is over, this process is no longer available to any students.

Important: If you are asking the housing office to match you with an unknown roommate, you may not participate in this process; instead, complete the Adjusted Housing Lottery form above, select "double room," check the box that requests the housing office to find you a roommate, and then complete the short survey.

The In-House Process (April 14 at 10:30 p.m. via Zoom):

This is the process for students who want to move around their current building community with roommates already in your building community. You and your roommates for next year must all be currently living in the building community for which you're signing up. If one person is coming from another building community, from off campus, or is an incoming student, you may not participate in the in-house process. All room types (singles, doubles, triples and quads) are eligible during this process. You must be able to fill the room to secure the room – no exceptions. If you cannot fill the room, you cannot secure the room. There is no in-house process for residents of Baldwin-Jenkins; Stewart residents may participate in the in-house process for Boppell and the Village (as it's considered a building community). Residents of Boppell may participate in the in-house process for both the Village and Boppell. This process will be done by Zoom. Your AC or AAC will email you a link to participate. Once this session is over, this process is no longer available to any students.

The Single, Double, Triple, Quad Process (online form must be completed by April 15 at noon):

If you're not participating in the Same Room process or the In-House process, you must use the Adjusted Housing Lottery form to secure a room.

About the form:

  • You'll need your Whitworth username and password to access your form. Contact the help desk at or 509.777.3911 for help with your account.
  • ALL of your roommates for next year must each complete the form.
  • You will receive both a confirmation email of your selections as well as a notice email if someone selects you as a roommate. IMPORTANT: Even if you receive a notice email that someone has selected you as a roommate, you must still submit your own form.
  • The form includes selecting a single, double, triple or quad room. No matter which option you select, you must then choose that many corresponding roommates. (For example, if you select a triple, you must select an additional two roommates for a total of three people.)
  • The only possible roommates are current students and confirmed incoming students. If an incoming student hasn't confirmed by the time you submit your form, they will not be an option. If you want to live with an incoming student, encourage the incoming student to submit an enrollment deposit (confirmation) by completing the correct form found here.
  • Incoming students do not submit a housing request via this form. Instead, incoming students should submit a request through the Housing Preference Form. There's an option on this form to list a specific roommate; the incoming student would need to enter the current student's name(s) in that section.
  • You (and your roommates) may edit your online Adjusted Housing Lottery form as many times as you wish before April 15 at noon. Edits include roommate choices, the order of preferred buildings, and any notes you leave for the housing office. The last submission received will be the one the housing office uses to make your assignment.
  • If you are trying to secure a double room but do not have a roommate, you have two options for receiving a roommate:
    • Option 1: The housing office can select a roommate for you. After selecting "double," indicate that you'd like the housing office to find you a roommate and complete the survey questions that appear. Then please also add some additional notes at the end of the form with any information you think would be helpful for finding you a roommate.
    • Option 2: The housing office can select an international student as a roommate for you. Do the same as Option 1 above but also select that you'd like to have an international student as a roommate. 
    • You may also want to attend the Housing Lottery Q&A/Find-a-Roommate sessions noted above. You just might find a great match and not need to rely on the Housing office.

More details about the Housing Lottery:

  • If you are required to live on campus (e.g. if it's been less than two years since your high school graduation and you've not yet received a housing waiver), you will be assigned a room on campus regardless of whether or not you submit the Adjusted Housing Lottery form. If you're not required to live on campus, you will not be assigned a room unless you complete the Adjusted Housing Lottery form.
  • Room assignments are based on the following students' class standing (as determined by the registrar on April 14). As such, seniors will have more priority over juniors; juniors are ahead of sophomores; sophomores are in front of first-year students; and first-year students are ahead of any type of incoming student (e.g. incoming international, transfers, etc.).
  • The housing office will do all it can to give you your preferred building assignment, but please understand that residence halls have a finite number of spaces available and not all requests can be granted.
  • Room assignments may change based on the needs of Whitworth Residence Life, such as: to adjust RA placement; to ensure a floor isn't all upper-division students (or all first-year conversely); to meet the needs of the Whitworth Honors program, etc. While the university knows most of these needs before the housing lottery, some building or room changes still may be necessary even after assignments have been communicated. If an assignment changes, the housing office will contact all those affected.

Housing Waivers

All students who are less than two years from their high school graduation must live on campus.

  • To request a waiver to this policy, please visit
  • A new waiver must be requested each year for as long as a student is required to live on campus. In other words, waivers received for fall 2020 and/or spring 2021 do not automatically cover fall 2021 nor spring 2022.
  • Housing waivers should be submitted before April 1, allowing adequate time for processing. Students who submit a request after this date should still participate in the Housing Lottery, assuming that the waiver will be denied until it's officially granted.

Student leaders (and their roommates)

  • Fall 2021 student leaders and their roommates do not need to complete any of the above steps. Instead, residence life staff and your AC will manage your assignment with you directly. Please respond promptly to the communications from your AC.

Whitworth Neighborhoods

  • Requests for participation in the Whitworth Neighborhoods program will be processed before the beginning of the housing lottery. If you've been accepted in the program, you do not participate in the adjusted housing lottery.

Virtual Residence Hall Tours

Because of COVID restrictions, we are not able to offer in-person residence hall tours. The best substitutes we have instead are the self-guided admissions office virtual tour and Whitworth's YouTube residence hall tours:

Conditions for Participation

  • In order to secure a room, you must be able to fill the room. In other words, you must have the same number of roommates as the room's occupancy – no exceptions. Requests for a random roommate can be made on the Adjusted Housing Lottery form but only for double rooms.
  • All roommates must be living at Whitworth for the upcoming Fall Term. If they're leaving for the spring, that's OK - just make sure to include that information at the bottom of your form.
  • The last day to cancel a room reservation without monetary penalty is June 1. To cancel a room reservation, the student must contact the housing office on or before June 1 ( or 509.777.3250). To prevent intentional cancellations that help one person or group acquire a room over another, any cancellation made before the deadline may result in all roommates losing their room assignment and being reassigned at the discretion of the housing office. A student who cancels a room reservation any time after the deadline will be charged $250 but his or her roommates will not lose their room assignment. (This policy does not apply to incoming freshmen.)
  • Students who will be gone during the fall semester but who wish to return for either Jan Term or spring semester should NOT complete the Adjusted Housing Lottery form but instead contact the housing office in mid-December to make arrangements. See the Frequently Asked Questions section below for more details.
  • Residents of Baldwin-Jenkins and Stewart may not participate in the Same-Room process, as those buildings are first-year-only buildings. 
  • Residents of Boppell may participate in the in-house process for both the Village and Boppell.
  • Residents of any Honors Floor may not participate in the same-room process, as that floor is for first-year Honors students only. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are my chances of...? What are the odds of...?

Since there are so many different situations regarding every student's situation, there's no way to give even a somewhat accurate prediction as to what your chances are of getting a particular room or building. The closest to an accurate prediction would be that the most popular buildings fill up faster than the others. Not satisfying, we know, but at least it's the truth.

What if I'm moving off campus?

All students are required to live on campus if it's been less than two years since their high school graduation. All students not meeting this requirement but wishing to live off campus must have an approved waiver before the housing lottery if they plan to live off campus. (Submitting a waiver is not the same as having an approved waiver.) The housing waiver is available at Students who turn in their waiver after April 1 should still go through the housing lottery.

Can I sign up for a room with an incoming student?

Yes, you can sign up for a room with a student who hasn't yet begun at Whitworth but only if the student has confirmed with Whitworth by the time you submit your Adjusted Housing Lottery form. If they haven't confirmed yet, you cannot use that person to fill a room. No exceptions are made to this rule.

What if I'm studying abroad in the fall but want to come back for Jan Term or spring semester?

While there's no slick, fancy way to go about securing a room for Jan Term or spring semester when you're studying abroad in the fall, there are actually two very good ways to secure housing for your return:

  1. Email the housing office ( in early December, letting the university know of your desire to live on campus when you return. The housing office will then find a room for you.
  2. Talk to current students throughout fall semester, asking them if they know of openings (e.g., students are graduating, transferring, or are one-semester international students leaving in the fall). When you find a spot that suits you, simply email the housing office with that info and we'll assign you to that room.

While the first option is definitely uncertain (the housing office never knows where openings will be until mid-December), it does place the task of finding a bed for you in the hands of the folks who know the most about campus housing. However, the second option puts more of the work on your shoulders but it gives you more of a say as to where you'd be placed. There's nothing wrong with trying both options simultaneously, though.

Does any of this mumbo-jumbo apply to me if it's been longer than two years since my high school graduation?

No. However, if you want to live on campus, you'll still need to submit a request via the Adjusted Housing Lottery form.

Still have questions?

Please contact Alan Jacob, associate director of housing at or 509.777.3250. Thank you.