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About the Program

Learn from Experience

At Whitworth, you'll be challenged by doing, and learn how to help improve quality of life for individuals by helping them get back to enjoying day-to-day routines and activities. Whitworth's Doctor of Occupational Therapy program offers an innovative learner-centered curriculum that is rich in evidence-based practice, interprofessional learning experiences and community clinical partnerships that support Whitworth's mission. Graduates will be able to promote the health of individuals, communities and society through experience and practicing individualized, evidence-based care and education.

"I chose to pursue an OTD degree because I loved kinesiology as an undergrad and wanted my future scope of practice to include diversified aspects of health. Whitworth's faculty continues to impress me with their confidence and intentionality. The OTD program's rigor so far absolutely pays off for the growth I see in my thinking about how God's intentions for people living in community can be worked towards in challenging situations."

Andrea Friesen

Make a Difference

Gain strong leadership, professional, and clinical competencies while respecting the uniqueness and valuable contribution of each individual under your care.

Become a Leader in Occupational Therapy

At Whitworth, you'll learn how to better collaborate and lead teams with confidence and sensitivity to diversity, inclusivity and equity, advocate for others, and serve in a manner that fosters mutual growth and respect. You'll gain an appreciation for the value of addressing and correcting the challenges that directly impact an individual's daily activities and routines.

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