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Degree Snapshot
Degree Doctor of Occupational Therapy
Program Format Face-to-face courses and clinical rotations
Application Deadlines March 1

Applications will remain open via OTCAS until June 7, 2024, or until cohort is filled.
Interview dates will be between December and May; classes begin in August.
Completion Time Nine consecutive semesters; complete the program in just three years.
Total Cost Total anticipated cost for the Doctor of Occupational Therapy is $125,685*. Tuition and fees are included. Scholarships and financial aid are available!

*For students beginning in the 2024-25 academic year


"I chose Whitworth because I wanted to be part of something new. I felt extremely welcomed during the interview process and believed that what was being built in terms of the OT program really allowed me to pursue a meaningful career path."

Aldo Mercado

Cohort Model

You'll take courses and complete the Doctor of Occupational Therapy program with a group of approximately 30 other students. Because your cohort remains together throughout the program, you'll have the opportunity to develop a strong sense of community, participate in collaborative learning, study for exams with peers and practice treatment on each other. Your knowledge base and clinical skills will increase with each successive term as you progress through courses and integrated clinical experiences together.