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Resources for Faculty Leaders

Off-Campus Program Proposal & Process

Faculty seeking to propose a credit-bearing off-campus study program, whether new or reoccurring, must complete the following proposal process. Note: The proposal requirements and timeline have changed from prior years.

Proposal Requirements

1) Complete the OCP Proposal Form and obtain all relevant chair/department signatures.
2) Complete the OCP Budget Template (instructions and a sample are included in the document).
3) Submit the above two items to OCP Assistant Director, Rebecca Gahl-Partridge ( | Phone: 509.777.4499

Note: Incomplete proposal forms, or submissions lacking both required items listed above, will not be considered for approval.

Proposal Approval & Next Steps

Oct. 15: Approval notification, or request for additional information/modification, will be issued to faculty leaders who submitted all proposal requirements above.

October-December: OCP staff works with faculty leaders on program logistics and further budget development. Faculty leaders begin general promotion of the program to students.

February-March: Off-Campus Programs Fair and formal application period.


Faculty Leader Admin Access: OCP Application Portal

Faculty leaders of currently approved off-campus programs will use the new Via study abroad portal to view their applicants and make admissions decisions. Faculty leaders must first receive the admin user invitation from the OCP office prior to being able to log in. This admin user invitation will be distributed after the faculty leader training held in February.

OCP Non-Participant Request Form

This form is to be used by OCP faculty leaders to formally request the inclusion of a non-participant to their program. Examples of non-participants include: spouse, dependents, family members, community members.

OCP Incident Report Form

This form is to be used by OCP faculty leaders when documenting the details associated with an incident or emergency during an off-campus program, domestic or international.

OCP Emergency Response Manual

This manual serves as a comprehensive resource for OCP faculty leaders in the areas of crisis response and emergency planning. Specific guidance is provided to assist leaders to effectively respond to a variety of emergency types, including illness/injury, sexual assault, missing person situation, natural disaster and terrorism.

Managing Student Mental Health Abroad

Being equipped with the tools and knowledge to effectively and responsibly address students' emotional and mental health concerns abroad is an essential tool in the faculty leader's toolkit. This PowerPoint presentation addresses the topic of student mental health, outlines federal and institutional regulations, clarifies our off-campus programs procedures, and details the tools, techniques, and proper responses for a variety of common mental health-related situations abroad.