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Bachelor of Arts in Human Services

Committed to making a difference in the lives of others? Our degree in human services will equip you to serve individuals and families within the community, whether you're working directly with clients or with the organizations designed to provide social services. You'll leave Whitworth prepared to serve in a variety of social service occupations, including client services; social action; community development and advocacy; and leadership across human services agencies. The human services major is also a good option if your goal is to complete a master's degree in a social-service-related field or in a counseling and therapy program.

"It is absolutely amazing how Whitworth’s mission statement has influenced my current desires. I assumed that I would simply obtain a degree and go from there; however, I have completely shifted career fields, and my leadership and confidence has increased."

Joshua Budik

With three areas of concentration to choose from, you can tailor your degree to fit your interests and professional goals.

Course Format Online or in person; one evening per week and occasional Saturdays
Locations Online
North Spokane
Average Completion Time 2-2.5 years with A.A. or applied associate degree (A.A.S. or other)
4-5 years with no transfer credits 
Cost Per Credit $565* per credit (financial aid & scholarships available)
Application Deadline Four weeks prior to start date 

*anticipated tuition rate for the 2023-24 academic year

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What will I study?

Human services majors will learn:

  • The structure and function of social service agencies in society
  • How politics inform social policy
  • An appreciation for human diversity
  • How to help different populations without harm
  • Social and political activism
  • Personal and professional ethics in the helping professions

Transfer Information

Already have an Associate of Arts (A.A.) or Applied Associate Degree (A.A.S. or other)?

With an A.A. or applied associate degree from a community college, you may transfer to Whitworth's human services program as a junior, receiving 60-64 semester credits toward your bachelor's degree. You can complete your degree in as little as two to three years. Check out our generous transfer policy here.

Credit for Prior Learning

If you've obtained knowledge through experience outside of the traditional classroom, you may earn up to 32 semester credits of electives through subject tests, certifications, licenses, self-directed study, work-related trainings and more. For more details about credit for prior learning, click here.

Degree Requirements

Human Services Major - 36 credits

Complete the human services core requirements and choose a nine-credit area of concentration to tailor your degree to fit your goals.

Human Services Core (27 credits)

PO 320 American Political Process 3 credits
PO 371 Introduction to Public Administration 3 credits
SO 311W Families and Society 3 credits
SO 368 The Helping Process in Social Services 3 credits
SO 466W Ethics in Public Service 3 credits
SO 425 Making Change: Social Intervention Strategies 3 credits
COM 351 Group Dynamics 3 credits
One course in career preparation 3 credits
One course in human diversity 3 credits

Area of Concentration (9 credits):

Human Service Leadership

  • PO 360 - Leading Sustainable Organizations (3 credits)
  • SO 315 - Funding & Grant Writing (3 credits)
  • LS 305 - Introduction to Public Service Leadership (3 credits)


  • PY 101 - Introductory Psychology (3 credits)
  • PY 227 - Personality & Individual Differences (3 credits)
  • PY 358 - Psychopathology (3 credits)

Child & Family Services

  • PY 210 - Developmental Psychology (3 credits)
  • SO 370 - Delinquency & Juvenile Justice (3 credits)
  • COM 352 - Conflict Management (3 credits)

Graduation Requirements & Electives

All adult education programs from Whitworth must include Whitworth Inq (shared curriculum) and elective coursework to complete degree requirements. Some of the requirements may be met by courses offered in the major. Check with an advisor for details.

Minimum Credits Needed to Graduate - 126

Total credits needed at Whitworth will vary depending on credits transferred from other institutions and/or earned via credit for prior learning.

What type of job can I get?

A degree in human services will prepare you to work in a variety of occupations. You may also choose to further your education with a master's degree in areas such as counseling and therapy or social work. Employment opportunities include the following areas:

  • mental-health organizations
  • counseling and therapy
  • government agencies
  • nonprofit agencies
  • social and community organizations
  • youth and child services
  • drug rehabilitation
  • group and community work
  • healthcare services
  • social advocacy
  • vocational rehabilitation

Our grads get great jobs at places like...

  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Spokane Veterans Affairs Medical Center
  • Frontier Behavioral Health
  • Spokane Community College
  • Green Gable Children's Learning
  • State of Washington
  • Department of Social and Health Services
  • Spokane Public Schools
  • St. Anne's Children & Family Center
  • Community Detoxification Services