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Preparing for Honors Scholarship Weekend

We're thrilled that you have decided to attend a Whitworth Honors Scholarship Weekend. Over the course of the weekend we hope you will have many chances to interact with Whitworth faculty, staff, and students, and with prospective future classmates. We also hope to get to know you better through the following activities:

  • Speak Your Mind: You will be given the opportunity to speak for three to five minutes in front of a small group. You may choose one of the below prompts. You will have the option of bringing and using notes, but the use of props, including Powerpoint presentations, is not allowed. Prior preparation is strongly encouraged. 
    • Prompt 1: What do you hope to achieve in your personal and professional life after college graduation, and how/why would Whitworth aid you in achieving those goals?
    • Prompt 2: What type of experiences, talents or gifts would you bring to Whitworth? How would campus improve by having you as a student?  
  • Faculty Discussion Group: A Whitworth professor will lead you and a small group in a discussion of one article that will be provided to you in advance. The article will be emailed to you prior to your Honors Scholarship Weekend. You will be expected to read the article on your own and come ready to participate in discussion. You are encouraged to print a copy of the article and bring it with you to Honors Scholarship Weekend. Prior preparation is strongly encouraged.
  • Face-to-Face Group Interview: You will have approximately 35 minutes to participate in an interview with a Whitworth faculty or staff member and one to two other students. You will also have the opportunity to briefly share anything else you would like us to know about you. No prior preparation is required.
  • Professor Lecture: You will have an opportunity to hear from an honors program professor. This lecture will tie in content from the two articles and will serve as the basis for your essay prompt. 
  • Write On! Essay: You will have approximately an hour to type or hand-write an essay on a given prompt. Essay prompts will be handed out at the start of your essay session. Be prepared to use information from all of the above events as concrete examples in your essay. 
  • Resume: Please be prepared to give a copy of your resume to your interviewer.