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Frequently Asked Questions

Info for All Whitworth Visitors

Will I be required to wear a mask or face covering?

Yes. All visitors and their guests will be required to wear a mask or face covering throughout the duration of their visit, including the campus tour.

Do I need to bring my own mask or face covering?

We highly encourage all visitors to bring their own mask or face covering. The admissions office will have a limited supply of extra masks if visitors do not own one.

How many people will be attending this event?

Our visit events vary in size, but Whitworth will be taking extra measures to ensure the minimum physical distancing requirement of 6 feet is being met for all visit programs and tours. 

Will I be able to visit a class?

Unfortunately, no. To ensure the safety of all people on campus, visitors will not be allowed to visit a class during the fall 2020 semester. For our Why Whitworth days, a Whitworth professor will give an engaging lecture to our student visitors as if they were in a class.

Will I be able to spend the night on campus?

No. All overnight visits have been suspended until further notice.

Where can I access a map of campus?

Our campus map is available at The admissions office is in MacKay Hall, building No. 2, and the Hixson Union Building (HUB) is building No. 49. 

What should I do if I am running late for my visit?

Please let us know by calling the admissions office front desk at 509.777.4786. If you are calling after 5 p.m. or over the weekend, please call the info desk at 509.777.3796.

What is the schedule of events for my visit?

Our visit schedules vary and are subject to change. Use the links below to view your visit event schedule:

Where should I go the day of my visit?

Please check your email for the most recent visit confirmation. Arrival details (including location and time) will be listed in those emails. If you have trouble finding the meeting location when you arrive, call 509.777.4786.

I am unable to attend one of the additional appointments I requested. What should I do?

Faculty and staff members are taking time out of their day to answer your questions about Whitworth, so we highly encourage you to attend your appointment if possible. If you cannot attend or you have a change of plans, please call our visit team as soon as possible so we can notify the appropriate professors, coaches and/or admissions staff members. You may contact us at 509.777.4786 or

Where should I go if I have an appointment before my visit begins?

If you are visiting for Why Whitworth, Fall Preview, Honors Scholarship Weekend, MVP, Bucs Bound or Junior Preview, please come to the Hixson Union Building (HUB) and we will have a tour guide escort you to your appointment. If you are visiting for a daily tour, please check in at the admissions office.

Will I have a chance to ask questions about admissions, financial aid and campus life?

There will be many opportunities to ask questions of a variety of sources. Faculty members and admissions staff will be present throughout the day as a resource for you. The campus tour and student panel are both led by current students who are eager to answer your questions. You should feel free to strike up conversations with other students or staff you encounter during classes or around campus.

Will meals be provided during my visit?

For Why Whitworth, Fall Preview, Honors Scholarship Weekend, MVP, Bucs Bound and Junior Preview, one meal will be provided for the student. Any additional meals in the dining hall may be purchased at the door. You may also purchase a la carte items in our cafe or coffee shop.

What should I do if I have some free time in my schedule?

We recommend that you walk around campus and get a feel for the atmosphere. Wander through our library or grab a cup of coffee from the Mind & Hearth Coffee House. Current students will most likely be socializing in the HUB. Please check out our athletics site and campus events calendar for more details:

Info for Students Driving to Campus or Traveling with Guests 

Where can I find driving directions to Whitworth?

You may find driving directions to our campus at

Where should I park, and do I need a parking permit?

Please park in the large parking lot adjacent to the admissions office on Hawthorne Road (parking lot A1 at the bottom of the campus map), and then take a short walk to the Hixson Union Building (HUB). If you are arriving after 5 p.m., you may park near the Hixson Union Building (HUB). You do not need a parking permit to park on campus.

My guests are coming with me. Which activities can they participate in?

Guests are welcome to join you for all scheduled activities. Due to physical distancing requirements, each student is allowed to bring a maximum of one guest to Why Whitworth and Fall Preview. Guest limitations for events in the spring semester have yet to be determined.

Overnight Visits – No Overnight Visits for Fall 2020

When does Whitworth offer overnight visit programs?

Overnight stays are not available for the fall 2020 semester. Once restrictions have been lifted, we offer overnight stays for any of our larger visit programs such as Why Whitworth, Fall Preview, Honors Scholarship Weekend, MVP, Bucs Bound and Junior Preview. If you would like to stay overnight on campus, please be sure you have registered for these events ahead of time as we have limited space available for guests. We are able to accommodate up to 100 students.

Are meals provided during my visit?

We provide one meal for students during their overnight visit. Any additional meals in the dining hall may be purchased at the door. You may also purchase a la carte items in our cafe or coffee shop.

What will my overnight experience be like?

We hope that staying overnight gives you a clearer picture of student life at Whitworth. Your overnight host will introduce you to other students, residence hall activities and campus activities. Please note, however, that you are staying with current students who may have homework to do. You may want to bring a book or homework of your own. While some overnight hosts may have access to an air mattress or sleeping bag, most will not, so please be prepared to cover your own sleeping arrangements. You will most likely be sleeping on the floor. Please also bring your own towel and toiletries.