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Disbursement & Credit Balance Information

The Whitworth Student Financial Services office works hard to assure timely delivery of funds to students. Please read the following information related to credit balances.

What is a credit balance?

A credit balance is the amount of money, usually from financial aid, that remains after a student's charges are paid in full.

What must I do to obtain my credit balance?

  • You must be registered for the number of credits upon which your financial aid is calculated.
  • You must have begun the classes for which financial aid was offered to assist you.
  • Your Whitworth student account must show accurate charges related to your attendance for the term.
  • Your financial aid file must be complete – including any online processes related to student loans.

When can I anticipate receiving my credit balance?

Credit balance refunds are prepared ONLY if the above criteria have been met. Review the information below to determine the first day that your credit balance refund may be available to you for the 2020-21 academic year.

These dates apply only if the student begins the first class/session of the respective term.

 Fall 2020Spring 2021Summer 2021
Matriculated Day Sept. 9 Feb. 11 May 24
Adult Degree Aug. 26 Jan. 13 June 2
Graduate Studies in Education Sept. 9 Feb. 11 May 24
Graduate Studies in Business Aug. 26 Jan. 13 June 2
Graduate Studies in Theology Sept. 9 Feb. 11 May 24
Master in Teaching Aug. 31 Jan. 11 May 3
Master in Athletic Training Sept. 9 Feb. 11 May 24
Master in Family and Marriage Sept. 9 Feb. 11 May 24
Master in School Counseling Sept. 9 Feb. 11 May 24

Students should come to Whitworth prepared to purchase books and supplies without relying on their financial aid refund.

The Federal Direct Loan Programs and the federal Pell Grant Program require current data to be received and processed by the U.S. Department of Education before funds can be transmitted to your student account.

Financial aid funds are transferred to Whitworth student accounts twice weekly. Credit-balance refunds are processed on Wednesdays and Fridays, with the refunds issued via check and available for pickup after 1 p.m. in the Whitworth Student Financial Services Office. Be prepared to show photo I.D. Refunds issued via direct deposit are transmitted to students' bank accounts on Wednesdays and Fridays and are generally available within 1-3 days from the time of transmittal, depending upon your bank's policy.

To sign up for direct deposit, go to the Student Pirate Port. On the right side of the page, select WhitNet, click on Student Account Information, click on the link that says Bank Info for Non-Salary Refunds/Payments, and enter the requested banking information. If you change banks or close your account, please notify us as soon as possible to avoid any delay in processing your refund.

Students with tuition remission who have completed the necessary paperwork with Whitworth Human Resources can anticipate their credit checks being available a week or two into the semester.