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International Transfer Student Scholarships and Need-Based Financial Aid

Whitworth scholarships are available to cover Whitworth tuition costs only.

2024-25 Academic Scholarships: $20,000 to $26,000

The following scholarships are determined at the time a student is accepted to Whitworth University. Transfer scholarships will be offered to students who are enrolled full time, who have completed one or more terms at an accredited college or university, and who are working toward their first bachelor's degree. The scholarship amount will be determined from the student's official college transcript(s). If the student has attended more than one university, Whitworth will calculate a combined cumulative GPA. If the student has completed less than one full term of college work, the scholarship will be determined based on the student's high school cumulative GPA.

Scholarship Amount GPA
Provost's Scholarship $26,000 per year 3.75 or higher cumulative college GPA
Deans' Scholarship $24,000 per year 3.50-3.749 cumulative college GPA
Faculty Scholarship $22,000 per year 3.25-3.499 cumulative college GPA
Pirate Scholarship $20,000 per year 2.8-3.249 cumulative college GPA

Students who enroll at Whitworth full time in 2024-25 will automatically receive the highest scholarship for which they qualify (based on information received in the admissions office by July 15, 2024). These scholarships are available to cover Whitworth tuition costs only. Whitworth will renew the academic scholarship each year a student is enrolled full time and maintains satisfactory academic progress.

These scholarships are offered automatically at the point of admission and can be renewed up to four years for students making satisfactory academic progress. Students who submit updated transcripts or test scores by April 1 will be considered for scholarship upgrades. Students who are home-schooled or who choose on their admission application to request an interview instead of submitting test scores should contact their admissions counselor regarding their academic scholarship offer.

Visit Scholarships: $1,000 (one-time)

Offered to students enrolling in fall 2024 who complete a qualifying 2024-25 Whitworth admissions visit program.

Need-Based Financial Aid

If you are an international student planning to apply for need-based aid, you must submit the College Board CSS Profile application.

Please scroll down on the CSS PROFILE homepage and download the instructions. We encourage you to print the instructions and to view the interactive tutorial.  Whitworth does not provide fee waivers for the CSS Profile.

If you experience technical difficulties with the CSS Profile, please contact their support services:

CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE Support
Phone: 212.299.0096 (International) | 844.202.0524 (U.S. and Canada)


Representatives are available Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern time. Service hours are extended October through February to 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Eastern time,and are subject to change.

Please note: Whitworth requires applicants (who file) and their parents to submit their most recent tax return(s)/form(s) to Whitworth. Whitworth aid does not offer scholarships or other financial aid that covers the full cost of attendance, and we do not guarantee need-based aid to applicants. All applications are carefully reviewed based on need and overall academic profile. Need-based aid is given in the form of international grants. Whitworth does not offer loans.

If we receive your CSS Profile application by Nov. 15, you will receive a financial aid offer as early as mid-February. CSS Profiles received after Nov. 15 will be processed on a rolling basis.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Whitworth Office of International Admissions at

Other Sources of Support

Whitworth International Grant – amount varies based on need

Whitworth EducationUSA Scholarship

To encourage students to take advantage of the resources EducationUSA offers to prepare students for study in the United States, Whitworth University is offering a $1,000 scholarship to any student who is registered at an EducationUSA center around the world and is admitted to Whitworth and enrolls. This scholarship would be in addition to any academic scholarship and/or need-based institutional grants (amounts vary) for which the student qualifies and is renewable.

On-Campus Student Employment

On-campus part-time job opportunities are also available to international students with F-1 and J-1 visas. A student working just 10 hours a week, for example, could earn about $4,200 in a nine-month academic year.