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Paying the Balance

Families are often concerned about how they will pay the balance due to Whitworth after financial aid has been applied. Three options are listed below:

  1. Pay the balance in full before each semester starts. Whitworth only bills for one semester at a time so families only need to pay the balance for each semester before it starts.
  2. Whitworth offers a monthly payment plan to help families manage the balanced owed to the university. For a nominal annual fee of $35, families can choose to make payments either on the 10th or 20th of each month as indicated below. Payments are directly debited out of a designated checking or savings account. The payment schedules offered are:
    • 5-month: Contract is due by Aug. 8. Payments begin in August and end in December.
    • 4-month: Contract is due by Sept. 6. Payments begin in September and end in December.
    • 3-month: Contract is due by Sept. 6. Payments begin in September and end in November.
  3. Parents of dependent students may want to consider borrowing a Federal Direct Parent Loan to cover the annual balance or to decrease their monthly payments. Federal Direct Parent Loans must be approved by the Department of Education based on parents' credit reports. For more information about Federal Direct Parent Loans, visit

Students receive an email from the Whitworth Student Accounts Office prior to the start of each term that provides information about the bill/payment options for the upcoming semester.