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Tuition Remission

Whitworth is a place where lifelong learning is valued. If you are a benefits eligible employee, you, your spouse and your eligible dependents can take classes at a discount of up to 100 percent based upon your years of service. See the applicable policy for full details.

Tuition Exchange

Whitworth participates in tuition exchange programs with Coalition for Christian College and Universities and Tuition Exchange Inc. Benefits eligible employees who are full-time and have attained 100 percent tuition remission may submit applications for their eligible dependents. Refer to the summary below for full details.


Sharing the university's mission to provide its diverse student body an education of the mind and heart, the Whitworth Library serves students, faculty and staff with information resources and related services that support learning, teaching and scholarship, as well as intellectual, professional and spiritual development.

Your employee I.D. opens the door to a host of resources. 

  • Traditional library services like primary research in Whitworth archives, copyright assistance, interlibrary loan and the free bookshelf and local newspaper collection located in the reading room.
  • Online access to local and national newspapers including New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Seattle Times and Spokesman-Review at
  • Stream videos including documentaries (such as Ken Burns PBS specials and BBC mini-series), skill lessons, yoga and meditation guides. Want to relax? Stream the library's classical and jazz music collections. Audiobooks of popular fiction, as well as historical literature, juvenile and young adult titles, and nonfiction at